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WORX Landroid Robotic Mower | 2 Month Review

Why mow your lawn?

We will be the first to admit that mowing your lawn is something some folks enjoy more than others. We fall into the group that enjoys mowing their lawn. It is relaxing, gives one time to think about life’s problems, or it may give someone a few minutes in their day to not think about anything but cutting their yard. When we were setting up the WORX Landroid, this was a big thinking topic for us. We enjoy mowing and we are putting something in that is going to eliminate it or at least minimize the amount of time. After 5-6 weeks of having it installed, we don’t miss it one bit!

WORX WG794 28-volt Landroid Robotic Lawn Mower


WORX Landroid Automatic Mower

When talking to someone about the WORX Landroid at a backyard BBQ or at a local watering hole, we often get instant excitement and also a disappointment. They are first extremely excited about the fact you can have a robot mow your lawn while you are sitting back with a cold beverage on your patio chair. The disappointment comes when we tell them you have a boundary wire and the unit goes in a random pattern. Folks want this amazing futuristic technology that can program patterns and stripes. We are not there yet but well on our way.With an artificial intelligence algorithm for intricate cuts and navigating narrow passages, the WORX Landroid Automatic Mower is quite impressive.

With an artificial intelligence algorithm for intricate cuts and navigating narrow passages, the WORX Landroid Automatic Mower is quite impressive. The user-friendly control panel is extremely easy to use and understand. You can customize the time the unit goes out and mows and how long it mows each day. With the built-in rain sensor, you don’t have to worry about it mowing in wet conditions. When the unit senses wet conditions, it doesn’t go out and mow and waits for it to dry out. If it is out mowing and it starts to rain, it will head back to the docking station and wait for it to dry out.

WORX states it has an anti-theft system but that just utilizes a security PIN. If someone wants to steal the unit, they can certainly go pick it up and run off with it. They may not be able to use it unless they guess your pin but it won’t deter them from stealing it all that much.

  • Features and Specs

    • User-friendly control panel
    • Built-in rain sensor
    • Anti-theft system using a pin
    • 3-year warranty
    • Excellent start-up instructions
    • Adjustable cutting height (1.6″-4″)
    • Mows on uneven terrain

    What’s included

    • Landroid M Robotic Lawn Mower
    • Landroid M Charging Base
    • 9 Replacement blades
    • 200 Installation pegs
    • 500 feet of boundary wire
    • 4 Charging Base Nails
    • Power Adapter
    • 2 Boundary Wire Distance Gauges

The unit has an adjustable cut that is tool-free and extremely easy to do. Simply open the top hatch and rotate the dial to the desired length settings.


We did a dedicated review and blog on the installation of the WORX Landroid Automatic Mower. Please check it out below!

Are automatic mowers for lazy people?

For us on the other hand, it is an extremely useful tool that saves us a significant amount of time over the course of the mowing season. If we quickly compare it to a dishwasher you can easily get an idea of the concept we are trying to convey. Back before dishwashers were around, folks had to hand wash their dishes. This took time and effort. With the invention of the dishwasher, they now can load it up, press start and go do something else while the dishes are being cleaned. This is very similar to the WORX Landroid. WIth a little time invested up front to get the unit installed (which is minimal), you can now do other things when the unit is mowing your grass. To prove this, we are going to break down our time savings below but before we do, we need to preface it with a few quick statements.

  • Our lawn is an in-town yard that is well irrigated and fertilized. It grows fast and needs to be mowed every 4-5 days regardless of the weather.
  • We live in North Dakota and our mowing season is, on average, from May 1st to September 30th.  153 days in our mowing season
  • Unique yard situation. The backyard is fenced in. Front yard has a larger section to the left of the driveway and a smaller section to the right with two blvds.


  • Mowing: 45 minutes (all sections of grass)
  • String Trimming: 7 minutes
  • Blowing off the driveway and sidewalks: 3 minutes
  • 55 minutes of total yard-care every 4-5 days


  • Mowing: 5 minutes (smaller section of front yard and two blvds)
  • String Trimming: 7 minutes
  • Blowing off the driveway and sidewalks: 3 minutes
  • 15 minutes of total yard-care every 4-5 days

The string trimming and blowing off the driveway and sidewalks need to take place regardless of having an automatic mower or not so we will remove that from the equation going forward.

Before: 45 minutes of mowing

After: 4 minutes of mowing

This is a 40 minute time savings every 4-5 days. We will be conservative and use the 5-day number.

153 days (days in the mowing season) / 5 days (frequency of mowing) = 30.6 times we mow each mowing season

30.6 x 40 minutes (amount of time saved with the WORX Landroid) = 1,224 minutes

1,224 minutes / 60 minutes in an hour = 20.4 hours of mowing 


If you want to free up a bucket load of time each mowing season, you should check out the WORX Landroid automatic mower. Before you pull the trigger there are a few things to consider:

  • Size of your yard
  • Fences (gates are an issue)
  • Side of the house clearance

Size of your yard

We have a 1/4 acre lot but when you subtract the hardscapes (house, landscaping, driveway, sidewalks, etc) our mowing area is much smaller. This is well within the range of the Landroid. If you have a larger area you may want to get the larger unit.


We have a fenced in backyard. This is great for pets and kids but is terrible for an automatic mower. The fence is not the issue, the gates are. The gates are too narrow for the boundary wires to have the proper spacing. We loved the time savings so much, we removed one of the gates and allowed it to mow the larger portion of the front yard.

Side of the house clearance

The area next to the side of your house where the Landroid will be passing from the backyard or the front yard needs to have enough width to have 3 feet between the boundary wires. We had to ask the neighbors if we could mow two feet of their yard in that specific area. They didn’t mind but something to be considered.


We didn’t want to send the Landroid across the sidewalks to get to the BLVDS. We didn’t want the liability of kids or pets on the sidewalk passing by getting hurt. Since we can’t get to our other side of the driveway, we have to get out the mower anyway. That only takes us 5-7 minutes. We mow that area of the front yard and two blvds.

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2 Responses to “WORX Landroid Robotic Mower | 2 Month Review”

  1. Jonathan S #

    Hey, just wanted to say thanks for your videos on the Worx mower, which I’ve been eyeballing for months, and just ordered as they dropped the price down to $600! on Amazon over Black Friday weekend. I was able to sell my old ZTR mower (which was overkill for my yard) for more than enough to cover the cost. We’re still thinking about how we want to approach some similar issues with back/front yards as you had to think through, and will have the winter to consider our options.

    I’m curious how tall the mower is, and the feasibility of having a fence pass-under space (we don’t have dogs that would get out). Sounds like it would have to be fairly wide though…

    November 25, 2017 at 8:37 pm Reply
  2. Lonnie Weaver #

    Setting it up and co-ordinating the wire with the android IS A NIGHTMARE. The mower won’t work. If you have an asymmetrical yard configuration FORGET IT. The wire cannot be crossed or go around anything because the mower won’t work. Customer service is useless and they might as well not exist. It stops constantly for one issue or another. This is nothing like a Roomba. Not even close. The wire is a problem and so is the base. It keeps missing the base. The base has a short cord. This is a mess. YOU NEED A PRO TO SET THIS UP RIGHT otherwise it won’t work. Poorly designed and a huge waste of money. Wait till they work out the kinks and then go buy it.

    April 4, 2018 at 1:36 am Reply

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