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Workshop Vacs 4 Gallon Detachable Blower Wet/Dry Vac – WS0400DE

Pulling Double Duty

IMG_20160803_183248293WORKSHOP wet/dry vacs is not new to innovation, in fact, WORKSHOP Brand is owned by Emerson.  The idea of a detachable blower incorporated into a wet/dry vacuum is not new as this company has a few models on the market.  But, the idea of a small, powerful vac with an equally powerful blower is an idea that we think many will find very attractive.  First, many of us use large wet/dry vacs that have larger containers and we really do not need the capacity.  They were most likely purchased for the power and rightly so in some cases where they are hooked up to cyclones or used for high demand dust collection.  But the rest of us have a larger vacuum that is not used to its capacity and takes up extra space.  That is where this nice small vacuum comes into play along with the fact it has a dual purpose just makes it that more inviting to us who have smaller garages or space to store items.

We fell in love with this smaller vac because it has the power to do most every job a normal wet dry vac would do daily without taking up the space of a larger vac.  We packed it with saw dust, beyond full, and it did not plug the filter or stop sucking.  Our water test showed that this unit can pick up almost a gallon per second and quickly fills the 4 gallon drum.  Using this on cars and carpeting is easy because it is light weight and easy to move around, but it still has all the power you could ever ask for.  Remove the top and the blower is ergonomic and easy to use with impressive power that we will go as far to say it could be used for blowing leaves in the fall.

Blower Vac Features

  • Power Head Detaches to Become A High Performance Hand Held Blower.
  • Powerful Performance In A Lightweight, Portable Design.
  •  1-7/8” Quick-Release Locking Hose.
  • Qwik Lock Filter Fastening System For easy filter changes.
  • Ergonomic Handle & Power Switch.
  • Tough Copolymer Drum Resists dents and cracks, will not rust.
  • Convenient Quick-Release Cord Warp Stores 20′ power cord.
  • Large Latches.
  • Includes: Vac, Hose, Utility Nozzle, Car Nozzle, Blowing Wand, 2 Extension Wands, Filter, Dust Bag, Owner’s Manual

Go Big Or Go Home

IMG_20160803_183202519We normally live by the words “Go Big Or Go Home” as they seem to fit our shop atmosphere.  We also preach the right tool for the job often.  When you combine those two philosophies, we feel that WORKSHOP Vacs did go big when they designed this dual use blower vac in a small and powerful package.  When trying to pick the right tool for the job, in this case, you have to store it and feel like it is easy to get out to use it. Not many of us like to vacuum our shop or car and we will not if a vacuum is hard to get out!

There are a ton of upsides to this vacuum from the large latches, the locking hoses, the ergonomic handles and easy rollers.  In our use, we only found two downsides.  First downside is the noise.  We have found that smaller wet/dry vacs that have power are a bit noisier than the larger counterparts because they are pushing the same amount of air through smaller outlets.  This vac is not really loud, but it is not quiet either.  Second is the price tag of $99 dollars.  For this price, you can stay with the same quality WORKSHOP Brand and chose the top of the line in power 16 gallon vacuum, but you lose the blower feature.  You can spend a bit more and get the 16 gallon with a blower, but that guy is much larger and at that point, we turn back to the right tool for the job.

If you need a vac for large tool dust collection, this may not be your vacuum.  But for just about every other task, this smaller vac will be easier to use and impress you with its power day after day while also allowing you to blow out your shop or use it for some yard work.  It does not get much better than that.

Check them out at Workshop Vacs Site: 4 Gallon 6.0 Peak HP Detachable Blower Wet/Dry Vac



Drum Size 4 Gallon*
Peak Horsepower* 6.0
Voltage 120
Amps 10.0
CFM (Airflow)* 129
Inches (Lift)* 54.9
Max Air Watts* 235.9
U.L. Listed Yes
Blowing Yes-Detach
Cord Length 20′
Hose Length 7′
Drain Port No
Construction Polypropylene
Accessory Size 1-7/8″
Accessory Storage Yes-Bin
Replacement Filters WS11045F, WS12045F
Replacement Dust Bag WS32045F




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