Woodworking – Best Straight Edge

Many industries and professions need to draw straight lines. Woodworkers are no different! A straight line is essential to precision woodworking or just laying out cut lines on material. How straight do we need them? This is a debatable question that depends on what you are doing. Typically a straight line is a layout mark and you are setting up tools or fences to that line and hoping that the secondary reference surface is straight. The needed precision is when you are using that straight edge to set up machines, tools, registration, etc. The SERX Straight Edge Rules from Woodpeckers will certainly give you a straight line and give you peace of mind when setting up tools.

Woodpeckers Precision Woodworking Tools SERXL-24 Straight Edge Rule, 24-Inch

Precision Straight Edge Rules

Woodpeckers SERX Straight Edge Rules are machined from aircraft grade aluminum and anodized with Woodpeckers red and laser engraved for accurate marking. The SERX Straight Edge Rule comes in two lengths. The shorter model is 24″ and the longer model is 36″. Both boast a straightness within .003″ along its full length. That is .001″ per foot. Both models are identical with the exception of their lengths. The straight edge rules obviously have two sides that have strategic designs and functions.

The traditional straight edge side is formed at a 30 degree bevel and engraved with an inch scale. With the side getting thinner, the inch scale is able to get closer to the material. This allows the user to be more accurate when transferring marks while using the inch scale.

The opposite edge has two legs for increased stability when using the rule on edge for machine setup. In addition to the stable edge design, we like to attach a spring clamp to the end. This will keep the ruler from falling over if you bump the rule or tool.

Straight Edge Needed

When new tools arrive, typically the user has to assemble some parts of it. Whether that is cast iron wings for the table saw, or in-feed/out-feed tables for your drum sander. A proper straight edge will help make aligning these a breeze.

For any alignment, we love to use the spring clamp trick to keep the straight edge rules from falling over. We position the straight edge rule 60 perfect on the main surface that we need to align the other items to. We can then have both our hands to manipulate the items or tools in order to get the job done faster and safer. When you have them all locked in position, you can take feeler gauges and check your alignment. With the SERX precision and built quality, you can be assured that it will be dead on.

Built In Qulity

Woodpeckers products are known to be built with quality and precision and give the user a tool that can be passed down for generations. The SERX straight edge rules are no different. In our opinion, they are priced competitively to other precision straight edges that are on the market today.

Our philosophy is, when you have the ability to purchase a quality tool, DO IT! Don’t waste the time or money on something that you will need to replace in the future. When referring to the SERX straight edge rules, you need to ask yourself if the work you do warrants the precision of these rules. If they do, check them out! If they don’t, we’re confident that it will in the future, so bookmark us!