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Woodpeckers OneTIME Tool – Saddle T-Square

Measuring and Joinery Layout

Since the beginning of man, we have been creating and building things. Early measuring devices probably consisted of a stick or length of animal hair but as time has progressed, we are not at an age of remarkable tools. Whether you are building a bench for your porch out of 2×4’s or a classic highboy piece, you are certainly going to need measuring and layout tools. These tools can be anything from the tape measure, rulers, squares, and even a stick of scrap wood that act like story sticks. Regardless, the common theme here is measuring and layout is essential to any woodworking project.

Saddle T-Square

Saddle squares have been around for many years and are nothing new but Woodpeckers has created the best Saddle T-square to date. Made out of aircraft grade aluminum, these units have a wonderful feel to them. With their traditional Woodpecker’s red anodizing and laser engraving, they look pretty sharp as well! With four sizes to choose from, you are able to grab the right unit for the task at hand. 4″, 6″, 8″, and 12″ lengths are available. The two biggest points about the Woodpeckers Saddle T-square is the saddle design and the precision-drilled holes that run along the center of the length of the unit.

The hefty saddle portion of the t-square is beefy and adds a good feel to the unit. This large saddle portion allows solid registration to the edge of the material and allows the user to get a perfect 90-degree line when registering against the edge of their material. The saddle portion of the t-square also allows the user to wrap their marking needs around to the edge of a piece of material. This reduces the error when trying to line up a normal combination square to an existing line. A couple real-world examples that happen in our shop on a daily basis is alignment markings that need to be on two faces, tenon layout for mortise and tenon work, and last but certainly the most common, when we are marking a piece of material to bring to our miter saw station. We mark the surface of the board and quickly mark the edge. We align the edge mark to the zero clearance insert we have in our Kapex and boom! A perfect cut!

The holes are designed for a .9mm mechanical pencil but a regular pencil or thinner mechanical pencil will work as well, but we did find the thinner mechanical pencil breaks frequently if going at production speeds. They are perfect for making layout or joinery lines that need to be a specified distance from the edge of your material. Simply insert the pencil or marking device in the hole and slide the saddle t-square along the edge. A perfectly parallel line will be created at the exact distance from the edge that is desired.

The edges of the units have a steep bevel which reduces the distance from the scale and the workpiece. This reduces the error that could be caused when making your mark on your material. The units are available with imperial or metric scale and are incredibly easy to read with the contrasting laser engraving.

Quality is costly

Woodpeckers in known for high-quality woodworking tools at prices that reflect that high quality. It is common knowledge that Woodpeckers products are not cheap or for the beginner woodworker. They are designed with the professional in mind and are created from high-quality material. With that being said, the Saddle T-Squares are no exception. They can be purchased individually or in a deluxe kit that includes all the sizes in a hard case with a foam cutout.

These units are for the cabinet maker or fine woodworker. We don’t see someone building weekend projects out of home center lumber justifying the cost of Woodpecker’s latest OneTime Tool.

How do we use them?

We will be using the 4″ and the 6″ model on a daily basis in our shop Atlas46 shop vest. With the saddle and precision hole functions, these are a shop apron must. This will without a doubt replace the small 6″ combination square we keep in our shop vest. Everything from the symetrical fastener, joinery, and even hardware layout, the Woodpeckers Saddle T-Squares are going to be a popular item in our production woodworking shop.


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