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Woodpeckers OneTIME Tool | DF 500 Offset Base System

You can make the Festool Domino even better!

The Festool Domino is a fantastic tool that is a game changer in the woodworking shop and on the job-site. It gives the user the ability to use loose tenon joinery on their projects or job-site in a fraction of the time it takes traditional mortise and tenon joinery without sacrificing any strength.

Just like other loose tenon joinery methods, you need to place your two pieces of material together and make a mark that matches the same location on both material. This is a suitable method when doing this type of work on occasion, but when you are doing it day in and day out you need a solution that eliminates this step. Woodpeckers latest OneTIME Tool does just that. The DF500 Offset Base System makes the revolutionary Festool Domino even better. It provides a rigid platform that ensures proper mortise geometry even when making large runs of cabinets and furniture parts. It will completely eliminate the marking process for projects within 54″.

Woodpeckers OneTIME Tool DF 500 Offset Base System

The overall concept is very simple. The DF 500 Offset Base System attaches to the Festool Domino 500’s baseplate. You then install the appropriate bushing that matches the material you are using, install the outriggers and flip stops, and get mortising! The idea is the bushings provide the exact spacing that  you need and the flip stops on the outriggers replace the marking process. If you need a mortise at 40″, set the flip stop to 40″ and make your mortise. The outriggers start at 0″ (or 0mm if you purchase the metric scaled version) right on the center line of the bit or tool. When you need to make the matching mortises on the other material, remove the outrigger from the one side and move it to the other. Because the unit references from the center line, you don’t need to have two outriggers.


The complete kit includes:

  • Offset Base
  • 5 outrigger bars with connectors
  • four sets of spacers
  • four flip stops

The kit comes in a systainer that is fully compatible with the Festool Domino’s. This means you can have it connected and ready to go when needed.


The spacers are one of the two main components that make the DF500 Offset Base System so wonderful. The spacers set the correct spacing so the mortise is placed right in the center of your work piece. The unit includes a set of spacers that are for the most commonly used material sizes.

These include:

  • Nominal 3/4″ (23/32″)
  • 12mm (Baltic Birch plywood)
  • 18mm (Baltic Birch plywood)
  • Net dimension 3/4″ (MDF or other pressed material)
  • Net dimension 1/2″ (MDF or other pressed material)

There are additional spacers available int heir Expanded Spacer set. These include: 1″, 1-1/4″, 1-3/8″, 1-1/2″, 1-3/4″, and 2″. These work well with the DF500 Domino as-is or witht he XL700 if used along with the XL700 5mm Adapters.

Outriggers and flip stops

The second main component is the outriggers and the flip stops. The outrigger consists of one or more of the included 12″ T-track extrusions that are anodized and laser engraved with the inch or metric scales. If you are doing work that is smaller, only put as many sections as you need. That way you are not wielding a larger outrigger than is necessary. On the flip side, if you are doing large work, you will need as many of the track sections to get the job done.

The Outriggers provide a registration and scale for the flip stops to operate on. These flip stops take the unit to the next level. Instead of marking a line on board pieces of material when they are pushed up to each other, you can now just set the flip stops to the dimensions that you need and get to work! A big time saver and increases the quality of work. No more mortises that don’t line up.


This unit really shines in a production setting. We don’t think it is meant for the user that is going to use the Domino every now and again. The DF500 Offset Base System is perfect for a medium to large shop that has a dedicated Domino station. It can be installed all the time and ready at moments notice.

The unit does have a couple draw backs but they are certainly not deal breakers. First, the unit only includes 4 flip stops. That isn’t enough for the full capacity of the system. Luckily these flip stops are used on a variety of products so if you have other Woodpecker products you can use then interchangeably. They are also available for purchase so nothing to fret about. Second, the unit becomes pretty cumbersome to move around when you have the full capacity of t-tracks attached. Now the more dominos you are placing on a single board the more this unit saves you time but we really feel the unit is optimum at that 36″ range.

We did a cedar and steel table project recently and would have killed to have this back then. It would have saved us a ton of time!


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