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Woodpeckers OneTIME Tool | Delve Square Review

Woodworking Squares

If we intend our projects that are created in the woodshop to come out square, we need something to check it against. The woodworking square comes in many different shapes, styles, and colors. They all have one thing in common, they register against two faces to see if they are square. As time passes, woodworkers are more innovative. The Delve Square is a traditional woodworkers dream. It combines a ton of features in a small 3 7/16″ square.

Delve Square

The Delve Square is precisely machines from a single piece of tool plate grade aluminum. It is then anodizes the famous Woodpeckers Red and then laser engraved for precise accuracy. Throughout production is is meticulously check and recheck for quality and accuracy. Exactly what you would expect from Woodpeckers.

Woodpeckers claims it to be the “Swiss Army Knife of Woodworking Squares” and we tend to agree with them. From Joinery layout to angle marking, the Delve Square can do a ton of tasks very quickly.


Joinery Layout – The small size is perfect for laying out joinery on your woodworking projects.

Gauging Tool – Check thicknesses without measuring.

Measureless marking – Mark layout lines to angles without measuring.

Machine Setup – Use the built in thicknesses and setbacks to setup tools. Saw blade heights to setting the plunge depth on a router.

Measurement Tool – Use the multiple rules on the Delve square to measure your work.

Angle Marking – The built in angle markings make it a snap to quickly layout a common angle.

The Delve square is a right triangle that is offset on a 3/4″ wide base. 3/8″ on one side and 1/4″ on the other. The base is 1/4″ wide. This combination of offsets gives the woodworker instant measuring and gauging without looking at a ruler. The offset base is most useful when laying out mortise and tenon work. Use the 3/8″ on tenon shoulders and the 1/4″ offset for tenon cheeks.

Machine Setup

With the Delve Square being a right triangle, setting up your tools using the built in 90 degree and 45 degree angle is pretty common in all woodworking squares. But it doesn’t stop there! The secret is in all the built in thicknesses and setbacks of the tool. Use the base to set your table saw to 3/4″ or 1/4″ high. Use them to set the plunge depth on your router. Use the second rule to set the height of your table saw blade to a unique height.

The blade of the square is 1/8″ thick, that is a common dimensions that is often forgot about within the squares features. We missed it a couple times!


Parallel Lines

Using the holes in the blade of the square, you can quickly draw a parallel lines to the edge of your material. The holes are spaced 1/8″ but also have 1/16″ laser engravings in between the holes. Using the holes to grab common dimensions makes quick work of joinery, project layout, registration marks for assembly, etc.

Being the blade is 1/8″ thick, the pencil lead protrusion is significant and we found you break lead a little more often than you would with an Incra style ruler. But that is very thin material. If you take your time and use a thicker lead, you shouldn’t have much issue.

Tom DelVechio

A North Carolina woodworker named Tom DelVechio developed the Delve Square. He continually improved and added more functionality to his shop-made versions until it became the patent pending design marvel it is today.


The Delve Square is a phenomenal tool that has plenty of application and uses in the woodshop. A woodworker that does mortise and tenon work will absolutely love this tool. For fast and accurate joinery, layout, and machine setup, we can recommend this tool to any woodworker.

We did find that the tool can be too small and need to reach for a larger 6″ square. This is something we will gladly do for the convenience is offers us most of the time.

OneTIME Tool

The Delve Square is a OneTIME Tool. To pre-order today, check out the order page at Woodpeck.com. The order deadline is February 20, 2017. Scheduled deliver is for June 2017.

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