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Woodpeckers OneTIME Tool | Deluxe Trammel System

Beam Compass and Trammel Points

Drawing or scribing arcs or circles are important in woodworking shops that do any sort of organic shapes. In the past, trammel  points were on a simple beam. That beam could be any length and typically didn’t have any measurements or scales on them. Trammel points are often sold as just that, trammel points. The consumer would then have to mill up a quick beam out of lumber. This is great for production work that is has a static measurement but when the user needs to adjust the measurement constantly, it becomes pretty cumbersome to get the tape or ruler out and make sure you are making the correct radius or diameter they desire. Compasses are the exact same way. To set your radius, you would have to use a metal ruler and set the pivot point into 1 (burning an inch) and then set your radius plus 1″. This actually works very well and is plenty accurate for woodworking. But it requires more tools to get the job done. Woodpeckers has come up with a Trammel System that has a bunch of features that you are truly going to enjoy!

Deluxe Trammel System

Woodpeckers is known for coming up with extremely high quality and precise equipment. When we first heard about this next OneTIME Tool, we were a little unimpressed. But as we discussed it over coffee, we realized how valuable a high quality and precise trammel and compass system could be. We realized how crudely we setup these tasks in the past compared to how precise we are when it comes to other tasks in the workshop. Why not bring that same level of detail to a simple tool but make it easier, faster, and more accurate to work with? That is exactly what Woodpeckers did with their Deluxe Trammel System.


  • 3 beams (12″, 24″, 36″ beams)
  • 2 Sliding clamps
  • 5 Attachments for the clamps
    • Pencil holders (mechanical pencils)
    • Scribe Pins
    • Edge Gauges
    • Cone Hole Locator
    • Corner Gauges

*All neatly organized in a CNC MDF case.

The three included beams have two laser engraved scales. One side is Imperial and the other side is metric. The Sliding Clamps have center lines to accurately line up against the engraved scales on the beams.  All 16 components are 100 percent USA in the state-of-the-art Woodpeckers CNC shop.

The system has seven function

With the 5 attachments for the sliding clamps. The Deluxe Trammel System has seven functions right off the bat. The user can easily scribe or draw their arc or circles with the pencil holders or scribe pins. Install the edge gauges and now you can accurately draw a parallel line that is exactly set to your trammel dimensions. With the Cone Hole Locators, you can finally determine the distance between the holes in a project. Lastly, with the Corner Gauges, you can quickly determine if a project is square with the Go-No-Go style gauge.

Center-lines are the Key to Accuracy

Woodpeckers has simplified how the system works by putting a center-line on the sliding clamps. These lines are what the user lines up the clamps to the measuring scale on the beams. With the highly accurate milling and chamfers, you will notice that the center-line goes down the chamfer as well. This allows the center-line to almost touch the scale. The closer these two variables are, the less chance the user has to making a mistake and get the dimension they are looking for.


Imperial Pencil Holder

If you are someone that finds yourself using a compass or trammel points often, we highly recommend you check out the latest OneTIME Tool from Woodpeckers. It comes with the quality and precision you have come to expect from Woodpeckers and also jammed packed with accessories and features that brings it above and beyond anything we have seen before. They have taken a simple tool and added their precision and ingenuity to put a tool in our shop that is going to make these tasks easier, faster, and more accurate. Now this system does come at a cost but like we said before, you have come to expect the quality and precision from Woodpeckers. That quality and precision takes time. These parts are CNC machined and processed in small batches. This type of manufacturing ensures the products meet a level of quality that only Woodpeckers would slap their name on. And this of course takes time. Time is money. You get what you pay for. If you are sick of your crappy company and trammel points… throw them a way and step up your game!


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