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Woodpeckers OneTIME Tool | 2096 Workholding Kit

Work-holding is Essential

Whether you are sanding, chiseling, hand-planing, or drilling, securely holding your work piece is essential to working safe and obtaining the results that are desired. We have all used a handful of clamps to make stops on your workbench to hand plane against or secured a piece of material with some make-shift jig. There are a variety of commercial jigs and setups out there to make this tasks easier and more efficient. Woodpeckers had come up with a unique system that should be a fan favorite.

2096 Workholding Kit

With simple Phenolic plates in various shapes and sizes, this Workholding Kit allows the user to have an infinite variety of placements to accommodate different stock sizes and applications. This OneTIME tool gets is name from the 20mm dog holes in the Festool MFT that are at 96mm spacings.

The kit comes with (24) 20mm stemmed dogs machined from solid aluminum. Above the stem are heads of varying thickness sized for use with common stock thicknesses.

Dog sizes:

  • 8 – 1/8″ thick for thin stock
  • 4 – 3/8″ thick for stock in the 1/2″ range
  • 4 – .7″ for 3/4″ stock
  • 4 –  Project 2″ above the bench top for use on work standing on edge
  • 2 – “trick” dogs feature 1/2″ head with a threaded stem to be used with the 1/8″ thick dogs

The 2096 Workholding Kit comes with 8 1/4″ thick solid Phenolic plates in three different shapes.

Phenolic Plates sizes:

2 – 2″ x 14″ rectangular plates used for stock edges

2 – Wider trapezoid shapes with dog holes

4- – trapezoid plates act as the wedges

All of this is included in a Systainer

The Power Of The Wedge!

The 2096 utilizes the principle of a wedge to apply mechanical force to  your material that then butts up against the 2″ x 14″ Phenolic plates. With a couple of  taps with a mallet or hand plane, the angle of the edge of the wedge is an extremely solid method of providing clamping force.

Just remember to apply all your work force with the wedge so it tightens the wedge instead of loosening it.


If you don’t own an MFT, there are plenty of videos and tutorials online that show how to make accurate 20mm dog holes that mimic the MFT’s 96mm dog spacing.


Whether it is your assembly table, out-feed table, workbench, or just a sheet of MDF or plywood, you can create as small  or large of a dog hole layout as you need.


The latest OneTIME Tool from Woodpeckers has so many applications that is applicable to so many people. If you are someone that is in a small space, such as, a small garage, basement, or shed utilizing an MFT or shop-made unit gives you another task within that footprint of your shop.

If you are someone like myself that really doesn’t have a good system for work holding, then the 2096 Workholding Kit is a dedicated system for that. We are about to start an assembly table build that we are going to put these hole spacing in the top.

A contract that is on the move and the job-site every single day, this is a great system to be able to hold material securely in place.


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