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Variable Router Jig | Woodpeckers OneTIME TOOL

Routers are versatile!

There is no doubt that routers are an extremely versatile tool in the woodworking shop. They can complete simple edge profiling tasks to complicated joinery operations. With a quality router, some accessories and jigs, someone can do a large portion of a project with a router. Accessories are something that really separates a specific router from another that is on the market. Accessories and shop-made jigs take a simple tool and turn it into a tool that can do a lot. We love making jigs in the workshop. They are very handy and help speed up a process, especially repetitive ones. Simple jigs can be ones that hang around the shop for a significant amount of but for the most part, jigs are a one-time use item. Router jigs are no exception. They take time and material to make and that adds up over time. It may not be important to the weekend warrior, but for someone that is doing it professionally and needs to be competitive in the marketplace, any tool or product to save you time or money is something that could mean successfully getting the bid or not.

Woodpeckers Variable Router Jig – OneTIME Tool

Certainly not a shop-made jig out of MDF scraps, it is a professional grade tool that is made in the good old USA. The Variable Router Jig (VRJ) is the latest OneTIME Tool from Woodpeckers and the main components are the rugged, extra heavy-duty aluminum extrusions that will last for generations. They are built very stoutly and will not deflect when using them.

The VRJ is very similar to the Festool MFS template system (no longer available) but, in our opinion, the Woodpecker’s system is better engineered and thought out. The two connecting points is something the MFS system lacked and caused it to become out of square. The VRJ has two solid connecting points that make the unit self-squaring and solid. Once assembled, the unit can be adjusted to any geometry you desire. Get additional tracks, hardware, and clamps and create a system that you can only imagine.


  • 4- 18″ tracks
  • 4- lock-bars
  • 8- socket head screws
  • 8- rectangular washers
  • 4- Clamping brackets
  • 1- Hex ball wrench

Engraved Scales

The tracks are engraved with two scales, metric and inches. These scales make the VRJ simple and easy to use. With the scales starting at 0 on the left side of the track, simply set the other perpendicular track to the scale marking that you would like that specific section of the opening to be. If you want that section to be 5″ long, set the perpendicular track at the 5″ mark. Super simple and effective! The engraved scales are one feature that simple shop-made jigs just cannot get.


With the standard kit, you are able to accomplish a variety of tasks in the woodworking shops that include but not limited to field inlays, mortises, pockets, borders, lines, circles, and arcs. With additional tracks and hardware, the opportunities are endless. We have found pictures of folks using these types of jigs to make mortises for stair treads and risers. That is just a small glimpse at what a creative woodworker can work up with the VRJ. We believe the VRJ is a tool that is something that the more you use it, the more you will think of things to use it for.


Routers are popular but not the only tool in the shop. They are certainly under-rated in our shop. We don’t use them as often as we could but we have other viable tools that get the job done. One method is not better than another but it is what the user is comfortable with. In our shop, we would use our CNC machine to accomplish most of the tasks that the VRJ is intended for. We understand that most folks don’t have a CNC nor will ever have them. The VRJ is a relatively affordable tool that allows a user the flexibility of their imagination.

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