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Updated Milwaukee M12 Heated Toughshell Jackets for Fall 2018 | Model 202B21

Updated Milwaukee M12 Heated Jacket

Milwaukee Tool updated the M12 Heated TOUGHSHELL Jackets this fall making them best heated jackets available.   Milwaukee Tool’s updated Jacket line uses carbon fiber heating elements in the chest, back, and front pockets.  One of the big updates is the Quick-Heat function that fully heats up the jacket in 2.5 minutes.  We show this with a thermal imager in the video.  The TOUGHSHELL Stretch Polyester soft-shell has improved wind/water resistance.  also, for better heat retention, the sleeves now feature increased insulation.  Extra material was added under the arms and called FREEFLEX Mobility Gussets, that help users move more freely.  Each jacket ships with the M12 Compact Charger and Portable Power Source for ideal on-the-go charging via micro-USB in wall outlets, vehicles, or computers.  That means you are able to charge you M12 battery via a USB cord or it can be used to power other items even while it is being used to heat your jacket.

How to Wear Heated Gear

In many ways, one must change the way they dress to wear heated garments.  Milwaukee has designed and sized these vests and jackets to be worn with minimal clothing.  They are not designed to have a sweatshirt or other bulky item between the heated panels and your body.  Milwaukee specifically recommends that you wear a T-shirt or other thin shirt between your skin and the heated wear.  This allows the heated wear to work directly with your body’s core temperature and keep the heat close to your body.  The insulation you wear beyond the heated layers, like the Ripstop jacket provides more insulation and wind resistance.

If you do not keep the heated wear close to your skin, the heated areas must first heat the sweatshirt or material between the heated areas and your skin.  Those areas will also lose heat faster and the jacket will not be as effective.  This type of dress is excellent for people who work outdoors and need more movement or ability to move.  The heavy layers of clothing are not there to restrict movement.

TOUGHshell & Rip Stop 

Milwaukee has been leading the way in heated gear market.  Not only were they the first company to introduce heated gear for work, they are the ones making improvements every year to their products.  They started off with heated hoodies and heated jackets.  The jackets and hoodies were both great products, but the jacket was too nice looking for the jobsite.  It was more of like an everyday option for going around town.

Late 2015, Milwaukee has introduced new item with Ripstop fabric.  The 3-in-1 jacket is what I would consider being a much better jobsite option than Milwaukee’s first heated jacket.  The fabric used on this jacket is designed to take a lot of jobsite abuse and with the heated hoodie that goes under the jacket (not heated) gives you lots of options for keeping warm without getting too hot.

2016 brought the TOUGHshell material that brought the normal jackets up to the demand of most jobsites.  This durable shell with keeps water off you while still allowing you to move and perform tasks without having a jacket that won’t move with you.  This material is a bit louder, but it stands up to the task!  It keeps improving over time and is very durable and reliable.

Washer & Dryer Safe

If you work on a construction site, chances are you are going to get dirty on a daily basis.  This leads us to the question,…..How do you clean these jackets and hoodies?   The answer to this question is, put them in the washer and dryer.  I know it sounds like a simple answer, but with all of the heating elements, connections, and button to start the unit, there has to be some concern about getting it all wet.  Milwaukee has designed these coats to be washer and dryer safe.   I have washed and dried my hoodie and jacket that I wore for the last 2 years several times and have had no issues at all.

One important note that is worth mentioning is to make sure to disconnect and remove your battery and battery holder from the garments before trying to wash and dry them.


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