Lug Nut Control

This is Milwaukee Tool’s first High Torque Impact Wrench with One-Key and it will do much more than the normal customization, tracking, and management of the tool.  Milwaukee disrupted the view of an impact wrench by working to make it a fairly accurate tool for delivering repeatable torque through an impact counter.  While some were debating if being able to customize a tool was something the public needed, Milwaukee was in the lab perfecting their impact wrench to make contractors and mechanics work faster and more accurate.

If you like One-Key, smartphones or technology, you can now create the perfect impact wrench settings on one of the most powerful 1/2″ cordless impact wrenches on the market.  Users do not need to pull out their phone for every car or bolt they want to fasten because Milwaukee set up the tool to be customizable in a few specific areas that allow each trade to set the tool up for themselves.  No one wants to pull out a cell phone and connect to a tool to perform each specific job but to rather set up tool up once for how they use it.

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The new impact wrench has 4 custom profiles that can be changed just like many other Milwaukee Tools. With One-Key, once the custom settings are saved to the tool, the connection to the smartphone is no longer necessary. Your custom settings are saved in the tool until a user goes back into the app and changes them.

2863-20 Features

  • Most Repeatable Torque in Impact Wrenches
  • 1000ft-lbs of fastening torque and 1400ft-lbs of nut-busting torque
  • Most compact cordless High Torque Impact Wrench at 8.39″ in length
  • ONE-KEY – Customize, Track and Manage tool’s performance and location
  • Easily toggle four custom performance profiles that can be saved to the memory of the tool
  • Features a friction ring design to ensure quick and easy socket changes
  • Premium rubber overmold
  • LED light to illuminate the work area

Our Take On The Tool

Milwaukee’s new impact wrench deserves some respect when using it.  It is a 1/2″ model and delivers more torque than most fasteners in the 1/2″ range can hold without damage.  We found that the power was adequate to complete jobs a 3/4″ impact wrench would do, even when we added the adapter to this gun.  Adding the adapter does cause a loss of torque but it is not noticed with this impact wrench.

With the power of this tool, many will want to take advantage of the adjustments that can be made through the One-Key app.  Some users may have no interest in the Lug Nut Control or Concrete Fastener settings, but the general settings allow for a lot of user control, even if it is set up once and never changed.  Beyond the changes, the ability to track and manage your tool collection is a big bonus to many professionals.

Milwaukee changes the placement of the LED light.  That small LED light is very bright and in some cases can interfere with mode changes.  Many users will light that they can adjust this light in the One-Key settings.

This tool is clearly a pneumatic replacement and the cordless jobsite will soon take over.

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Voltage  18V
ONE-KEY Enabled  Yes
Fastening Torque  0-1,000 ft-lbs
   Nut-Busting Torque  0-1,400 ft-lbs
Warranty  5 Year Limited Warranty
Drive Control  4-Mode Customizable
Length  8.39″
Weight  5.9 lbs
No Load RPM  0-1,750
No Load IPM  0-2,100
Tool Warranty  5 Years