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The BEST Battery Wet/Dry Vacuum | Bosch GAS18V-3N 18-Volt Wet/Dry Vacuum with HEPA Filter

Yes, The Best Cordless Vac!

Finding a good small wet/dry vac that is quiet is pretty impossible.  It seems the smaller the vacuum gets the louder they are.  Not in this case!  Bosch Tools rocked the design of the GAS18V-3N 18-Volt Wet/Dry Vacuum to make it small, easy to use, powerful and quiet.  The design looks simple and its ease of use along with all the other attributes makes this the absolute best cordless wet/dry vacuum that you can buy.  It is also priced very well at $119, and that includes a standard washable HEPA filter.  The quality of build is superb, with a 6-foot kink free hose that is very flexible to the IPX4 rated design with a fuel gauge outside the vac next to the power button.  The circular tub creates an internal cyclone and also allows you to snap on the motor housing at any point you want.  No searching for just the right spot for the top to fit.  This new wet/dry vac will run on any Bosch 18-volt battery,  so anything from a 2.0 Ah slim pack the current 6.3 Ah Core18V battery will work.

Runtime is everyone’s concern when it comes to battery-operated vacuums. Bosch claims this vac will run 4 minutes per amp-hour of the battery.  We found the numbers to vary quite a bit.  For example, we did a lot of testing with the Core 18V 6.3 Ah battery and found that the vacuum running in the corner with no use would run for 30 minutes.  If you were using the vacuum under normal dry situations, the runtime dropped to 25 minutes.  If you were using the vacuum for wet situations, the runtime dropped to 20 minutes.  So the harder you use the vacuum, the less runtime you will see, but the claim of 4 minutes per amp hour is very accurate for normal use.  Runtime on the GAS18V-3N is very respectable!

The Bosch GAS18V-3N is rated at 51 CFM and is a vacuum only.  There is no option to use this as a blower.  Included with this vacuum is a washable HEPA filter. If you plan to use this vacuum on the jobsite, that is important and it is a huge bonus as it is not needed to be purchased after the fact.  Remember the price on this vac?  It’s only $119 as a bare tool, with a HEPA filter, all the attachments, and an amazing hose.

Bosch calls the cyclone effect this vacuum creates “Rotational Airflow Technology”.  The cyclone help with sustained suction, due to a special structure of the vacuum canister.  That special structure is circular.  There is no doubt that it works and we show the vac working in the video.   We had this vac connected to a saw and also just cleaning up a mess and the items in the container were always spinning around and keeping the filter free and clear to help with suction.

We are wet/dry vacuum snobs and this is by far the best wet/dry vacuum on the market at this time.  Noone matches the quality of construction, noise level or runtime that this vacuum offers.  Plus the price makes it affordable to many.

Bosch GAS18V-3N Wet/Dry Vac Specifications

  • Bosch 18V battery compatible
  • 2.6 gallons capacity
  • Included Washable HEPA Filter
  • Height 14.6″ Width: 17.7″ Length: 13.2″
  • 10.2 pounds
  • Price: $119 (bare tool)

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