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TEKTON 3/4″ Drive Deep Impact Socket Set 4889 4891

3/4″ Drive Impact Sockets

IMG_20160222_104353199Trucks, tractors, heavy equipment and large machinery all use larger nuts and bolts.  If you are working on suspension or servicing equipment, you are likely to run across the need for larger 3/4″ impact sockets.  Be warned, high end sets of these tools can cost a lot of money.  Tekton does provide an affordable, but quality alternative for people looking for a 3/4 in. Drive Deep Impact Socket Set. Tekton’s impact sockets are made with chrome vanadium just like the higher priced models. They also measure out the same as the more pricey models (see video above).  The design of impact sockets is made for high-torque.  The 6-point design contacts and grips the stronger flat sides of fastener head, not the weaker corners, to prevent stripping or round-off under extreme stress. Each Tekton 3/4″ impact socket has a visible paint sizing mark on the side along with a stamped marking, just in case the paint were to wear off in use.


  • High-torque, 6-point sockets grip flat sides of fasteners, not corners, preventing round-off
  • High-contrast permanent laser etched size markings are easy to read, even in low light
  • Premium chrome vanadium steel construction with corrosion-resistant black phosphate finish
  • Meets or exceeds ANSI performance standards

Cost Versus Use

IMG_20160222_105105094Many of us have the use for the larger 3/4″ impact sockets but are not sure the investment is worth the amount of use they will see.  The first cost is obviously the 3/4″ impact wrench, but that can seem affordable compared to the cost of the sockets.  Normal  3/4″ sockets will get chewed up over time with the abuse a high torque impact wrench will throw at them.  So the alternative is to look for a quality affordable set of impact sockets.  Tekton fits the niche for this tool as they have a good socket that we have beat up and down without issues.  The internal sizing is exact to other high quality sockets we have and the finish in pretty good.  The size markings are large and easy to read in a sort of painted on manner, but they also have large stamped sizing in case you scruff these around enough to wear it off.

IMG_20160222_104953052For us, 3/4″ sockets are needed often, but sometimes one can sneak by with large 1/2″ sockets or if every bolt and nut is really large, we move up to 1″ drive with caution.  Spending a large amount of money of these 16 sockets in standard and metric is not easy because the 3 smaller sockets in each set are covered in most high end 1/2″ sets and our 1″ set picks up in the 2 larger in each set.  It is not always practical to use a 1″ impact driver, it can be hard to spend a lot of money on tools you already have in one way or another.  Just one more reason why these Tektons fit in our tool chest so well.  We will mention that we purchased these for use in our shop and if we were to use them on the road, the case is plastic and would likely not hold up too long.


IMG_20160222_104657271This balance of low cost and good quality is what brought us to Tekton Tools.  We like to purchase quality tools at an affordable price with a no hassle warranty.   Tekton is located in Grand Rapids Michigan and strives to provide people with a passion for mechanics an affordable option with a, Always Guaranteed policy.  They not only want the customer to enjoy using the tools, they have a tech line to help end users with any issues they might have understanding or using any tool they sell. The policy of Always Guaranteed means that the tools have a lifetime warranty that is hassle free.  Give them a call or fill out a form on their website to receive a replacement without worry.  Sometimes it is better to have more tools, so low cost matters.

PRICINGTEKTON 4889 3/4″ Drive Deep Impact Socket Set, 27-38mm, Metric, Cr-V, 8 Sockets


PRICINGTEKTON 4891 3/4″ Drive Deep Impact Socket Set, 1″-1-1/2″, SAE, Cr-V, 8 Sockets



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