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Efficient Lathe Tool Setup – Lean Woodworking

Lathe Setup Having a good solid lathe setup and organization will make your wood turning more efficient and much more enjoyable. When we wood turn, we use various turning tools such as, chucks, accessories, and calipers. All these items should be organized in a manner that is efficient and clean. They should be easy to […]

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Spring Loaded Thin Ripping Jig

Spring loaded! Our initial jig (Make Your Own Thin Rip Push Jig for a Table Saw) performed excellent but it had one flaw, you needed to take it on and off every time you wanted to load material into the blade. This took time and was a bit cumbersome. In our woodworking shop, if there […]

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Make Your Own Thin Rip Push Jig for a Table Saw

Keep those fingers safe! Ripping thin stock on the table saw can be a dangerous operation if you don’t have the proper safety accessories and protocol. For discussion purposes, we are going to classify “thin stock” as any material under 1.5″ wide. When cutting material on the table saw with the fence so close to […]

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Ridgid R4512 Table Saw Assembly Tips

Best Inexpensive Table Saw Walking in Home Depot you spot what looks to be a nice table saw for around $500.00 and you are wondering how they got it in the box. ¬†Well, we hope to help you answer that question along with what it takes to assemble it. This table saw is priced at […]

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