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Variable Router Jig | Woodpeckers OneTIME TOOL

Variable Router Jig | Woodpeckers OneTIME TOOL

Routers are versatile! There is no doubt that routers are an extremely versatile tool in the woodworking shop. They can complete simple edge profiling tasks to complicated joinery operations. With a quality router, some accessories and jigs, someone can do a large portion of a project with a router. Accessories are something that really separates a specific […]

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Woodpeckers OneTIME Tool - Saddle T-Square

Woodpeckers OneTIME Tool – Saddle T-Square

Measuring and Joinery Layout Since the beginning of man, we have been creating and building things. Early measuring devices probably consisted of a stick or length of animal hair but as time has progressed, we are not at an age of remarkable tools. Whether you are building a bench for your porch out of 2×4’s […]

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Makita 36v Dual Slide Compound Miter Saw Review – XSL06Z

Makita 36v Dual Slide Compound Miter Saw – XSL06Z Finally! A cordless miter saw that has the power of a corded miter saw. The 36 volt XSL06Z from Makita fits that bill perfectly. We have long been waiting for a saw that can confidently be brought to the job-site and know that anything you run […]

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Laguna 3hp C Flux Series Cyclone Dust Collector | Woodworking Dust Collection

Dust collection is a must! Nothing kills productivity more than a messy shop. Not only does poor dust collection create an unnecessary mess, it also puts dangerous fine dust particles into the air that can be harmful to your respiratory system. With these things in mind, proper dust collection is a must for any woodshop. […]

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Woodpeckers Woodworking Rules

Layout and Joinery Any woodworker will eventually have to layout something on a piece of material or measure and mark joinery. Having a handful of the right tools will make these takes extremely easy and enjoyable. A simple hook rule, combination square, machinist square, and a quality straight edge are a must in a woodworking […]

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Woodpeckers OneTIME Tool | Deluxe Trammel System

Woodpeckers OneTIME Tool | Deluxe Trammel System

Beam Compass and Trammel Points Drawing or scribing arcs or circles are important in woodworking shops that do any sort of organic shapes. In the past, trammel  points were on a simple beam. That beam could be any length and typically didn’t have any measurements or scales on them. Trammel points are often sold as […]

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Woodpeckers OneTIME Tool | 2096 Workholding Kit

Work-holding is Essential Whether you are sanding, chiseling, hand-planing, or drilling, securely holding your work piece is essential to working safe and obtaining the results that are desired. We have all used a handful of clamps to make stops on your workbench to hand plane against or secured a piece of material with some make-shift […]

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Woodpeckers OneTIME Tool | Marking Gauge and Panel Marking Gauge

What is a marking gauge and why use one? A marking gauge is a tool that is typically used for traditional joinery layouts like mortise and tenon joinery. A marking gauge uses a sharp wheel that scribes or marks the material. Where it marks is dictated by where the small fence is setup. Folks use […]

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Woodpeckers OneTIME Tool | Parallel Guide System

Breaking down sheet goods Whether you are in a large production shop or a small one stall garage breaking down sheet good material is always a chore. Larger facility typically have some pretty fancy floor panel saws but the smaller shop needs to find the space to break their sheet goods down. They can have […]

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Woodpeckers OneTIME Tool | 641SS and 1281SS Squares

Squares are essential In woodworking, a quality square is essential. From laying out joinery to checking if case parts are square, they provide quality assurance that you can’t get with another tool. We use a variety of squares in the shop from machinist squares, combinations squares, and even specialty square we have from Woodpeckers and […]

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Supermax 25×2 Dual Drum Sander Review 913002

Medium-Large Shop Must Have Depending on your situation, a drum sander can either be a luxury or a necessity. A beginner woodworker certainly doesn’t need a drum sander but as they get more and more experienced, the drum sander brings precision and efficiency to the shop that some may require. An experienced woodworker and a […]

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Woodpeckers SERX Straight Edge Rules for Woodworkers

Woodworking – Best Straight Edge Many industries and professions need to draw straight lines. Woodworkers are no different! A straight line is essential to precision woodworking or just laying out cut lines on material. How straight do we need them? This is a debatable question that depends on what you are doing. Typically a straight line […]

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