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Ratchet Wrench Guide: Types of Wrenches, Uses and Features

What Type of Ratchet Wrench? Ratchet wrenches are available in a variety of styles for a variety of applications. Like all the other tools in your tool box, they fit a specific need and in many ways solve problems.  Ratchet wrenches are used in similar ways to a socket and ratchet, but in many ways a […]

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Scribemaster Cope-Pro Review

Put the coping saw away! Coping or scribing your millwork/trimwork by hand can be a tedious and meticulous process. Unless you have years of experience, it can take some serious time in order to get quality results. The Scribemaster Cope-Pro allows anyone to easily cope or scribe millwork/trimwork using a 1/4″ collet router with amazing results. […]

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Pocket Hole Drill & Impact Drivers – Makita 12 volt max Review

Makita 12v Max Kit LCT209W When we have people visit our shop they often ask us “Why do you need 3 sets of drills/driver?” and “Why do you have a 12v when you have two other 18v kits?”  The answer is simple!  Each drill driver kit was purchased for a reason, we started out purchasing the 18v kit […]

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Motive Product Power Bleeder Pressure Brake Bleeder

Simple Brake Flush or Bleed Flushing of brake systems for most average cars will never happen unless they have some sort of brake issues that forces the brake system to be opened up allowing air into the lines.  Brake fluid is one of those overlooked maintenance items on cars and trucks.  Have you ever wondered […]

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Installing Ceramic Tile Instructions

Preparation for Tile Home improvements can be fun, stressful and life changing, but also very rewarding if you do them yourself.  In our 3 part series we walk you through installing ceramic tile and give you the tips you need for a successful installation with little stress.  We encourage anyone completing a home improvement task […]

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Grizzly G0555X 14” Extreme Bandsaw

Extreme Review The Grizzly Go555X extreme bandsaw is a 1-1/2 HP, nearly vibration free brandsaw with a sturdy storage base cabinet, built in accessories, and optional riser block kit.  Grizzly took their popular G0555 bandsaw and added some upgrades to create the G0555X.  The upgrades include a larger motor, a larger table, removing the stock […]

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LockNLube Coupler

Search for Better Grease Gun Couplers – LockNLube

LockNLube Grease Gun Coupler The LockNLube grease coupler is different than all others with a sliding sleeve locking mechanism, the coupler locks on and creates a leak-proof seal on grease zerks. My main concern with this product was would it remove the mess from this task, and it does. A side benefit is also less […]

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