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How to make money with your CNC | Custom Outlet and Switch Covers

How to make money with your CNC | Custom Outlet and Switch Covers

CNC Machines are Money Making Machines! Desktop CNC machines or non-industrial or commercial units are viewed as toys. That is far from the case. CNC machines provide an individual or shop with the ability to bring new capabilities to the shop that they would not be able to before. In addition to completely new opportunities […]

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Build a Stout Bandsaw Resaw Fence From Scrap

Cut it in two! Resawing is an operation where you split your material in two pieces. It is typically cut right down the middle but not always, you can have a larger board and only need a small sliver of it. Resawing is a great way to make use of thicker material when you need thinner […]

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Cutting Board Title Picture

How To Make End-Grain Cutting Boards

Kitchen Centerpiece An end-grain cutting boards are a work of art. Some folks decide not to use them and keep them in perfect shape on your counter or kitchen table. Other folks like to put them in the daily grind. Their kitchen centerpiece has scars and knife wounds that prove the kitchen is active. Either […]

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How To Build an Outfeed Table for Your Table Saw

Build Your Outfeed Table Your shop is your work space that fits your ideas and demands.  Each person needs something different, but lets be real, we all want the satisfaction of building our tools and equipment our-self.  Your table saw outfeed table is an important part of the shop and can also sometimes double as […]

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