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Kobalt 5″ 24-Volt Max Cordless Angle Grinder Review – KAG 424B-03

Kobalt 24v Cordless Kobalt’s 24 volt line, sold at Lowe’s, has been impressive to work with.  The cost of the tools is very reasonable, but the cost of the batteries for the tools are less than half of the other brands on the market.  We do not know how long they will be at the […]

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WINNERS: Ridgid & Ryobi Tools Including Combo Kits and a 12″ Miter Saw

WINNERS! Congratulations to the 6 people who were drawn and won one of the items below.  There were a ton of entries and the names are similar.  We will be sending out emails, but if the comment is similar to yours, please check all your email boxes or contact us. Next WATBL Giveaway Workshop Addict has another […]

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GIVEAWAY: Ridgid & Ryobi Tools Including Combo Kits and a 12″ Miter Saw

WATBL Giveaway Workshop Addict is working with some great tool companies to make your dreams come true.  Our monthly Workshop Addict Tool Bucket List Giveaway will allow you to possibly get your dream tool sent to you free of charge.  Entry in this giveaway is very simple. Leave a comment below with one of the six […]

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Ridgid 18-Volt 7-1/4″ Brushless Dual Bevel Sliding Miter Saw Review- R48607K

Ridgid Cordless Miter Saw The Ridgid 18-Volt 7-1/4″ Brushless Dual Bevel Sliding Miter Saw is going to be a game changer for many contractors.  First, it is small, lightweight and easy to move around.  There are so many possibilities for its use through construction, finish carpentry and even do it yourselfer’s.  The Ridgid 7-1/4″ miter […]

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Kobalt 1/2″ 24 volt MAX Drill Driver Review

Perfect for Heavy-Duty Tasks If you are a contractor, installer, or someone that has to take on heavy-duty tasks on a frequent basis, the 24 volt max drill driver from Kobalt is a great solution. The heavy duty unit packs plenty of power to drill those large holes or drive the beefy fasteners that are […]

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Ridgid Gen5X LED Ligh Panel, Flood Light & Light Cannon

New Gen5X LED Lights LED lights have taken over the construction industry as well as the outdoor enthusiasts market.  When it comes to durability, portability and runtime, LED lights are by far superior to the dated halogen lights that used to dominate these markets.  Having a small light that throws an immense amount of light […]

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Ridgid Stealth Force Pulse vs Gen5X Brushless Impact Driver

Pulse or Impact? Ever since our review of the new Ridgid Gen5X Brushless Stealth Force Pulse Driver, everyone has been asking us about which model to purchase.  In the review of the Stealth Force Pulse Driver, we did a comparison to the Gen4 Ridgid Impact Driver to give everyone an idea on how they compare.  Now that […]

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Ridgid_Gen5x_Brushless Circular_Saw_Mess

Ridgid Brushless Gen5X 7-1/4″ Circular Saw Review – R8653

Pro Grade? The Rigid Gen5X tools are very impressive, but stack on the new brushless tool line-up in Ridgid’s Gen5X family and you have some very impressive, long lasting tools that can handle a beating.  We really like to work at torture testing tools and there have not been any Ridgid tools that we have been easy […]

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Ridgid 18v Brushless Drill & Impact Driver – Tough Testing

Ridgid Brushless Era When the Ridgid Gen5x line was released, everyone wondered if it was going to be brushless.  Ridgid had more to prove with their permanent magnet motors at that time but has now moved forward with the Rigdig Gen5X Brushless line.  The Brushless line has been very, very impressive to work with.  The specs have been […]

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RIDGIDs Gen5X Stealth Force Brushless 18-Volt Pulse Driver

3 Speed Ridgid Impact Driver Ridgid has released the new Brushless Stealth Force pulse driver, similar to an impact driver, but uses oil to transfer the impacting motion.  The use of oil results in a quieter operation.  Ridgid claims this tool to be up to twice as fast as standard impact drivers and in the […]

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Ridgid Announces Gen5X Brushless Tools

  Ridgid Went Brushless Surprised that Ridgid is coming out with a brushless line?  You should not be because the hype around brushless tools has created a market that each tool company wants a part of.  We will say that we are surprised that these tools are part of the Gen5X lineup.  Ridgid created a […]

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Ridgid Gen5X 18-Volt Hybrid Fan

Ridgid Model R860720B Fan The new Ridgid Gen5X 18-Volt tools have been impressive to work with.  The tools have been solid performers without needing cutting edge technology and on top of that, they have been priced so many can afford them.  The new hybrid fan is no different and up to par with what we expect from the Ridgid […]

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