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GEARWRENCH New Extra-Long Flex-Head Ratcheting Wrenches

GearBox Long Beam GEARWRENCH introduced three new wrenches that offer long reach, flex-head design, and a high degree of leverage to automotive technicians and industrial mechanics. Available in three different sizes, the new wrenches feature powerful XL GearBox long beam design combined with the versatility of a flex-head ratcheting end. The flex-head end allows access to […]

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Milwaukee M18 FUEL 1/2″ Mid Torque Impact Wrench Review – 2861-22

Mid-Torque, Small Size Power to weight ratio is a big deal when it comes to a tool that many mechanics will be using all day.  Comfort, being able to fit in small areas and the ability to remove 90 percent of the fasteners on an automobile is needed.  In construction, having a 5 pound tool […]

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Ingersoll Rand G1621 K2 IQV12 Polisher/Sander Kit Review

IR Professional Tools The Ingersoll Rand G1621 IQV12 Polisher/Sander is a multi-purpose tool equipped with a 2-speed gearbox.  The G1621 kit comes with 2-inch and 3-inch backing pads for sanding and a wool pad along with foam pads for polishing. This is the perfect tool for sanding brake rotors, removing gaskets, polishing bumpers or restoring […]

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Miter Saw Station Plans with Drawers using Kreg Trak and Stop System

Perfect Miter Saw Bench The perfect miter saw bench includes drawers, a stop system for repeatable cuts and a perfectly flat surface to cut on.  Well, at least in our shop that is the perfect miter saw bench.  Each shop and each individual will have to decide what is perfect for their uses and shop. […]

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Milwaukee 60″ Mobile Workstation Weight Test

Caster & Frame Stress Test  The Milwaukee 60″ mobile workstation is a beast of a tool cabinet that is rated to hold 2,200 pounds.  In our first review, we had Jeff stand in the drawers as a test to see how well the drawers were made.  As we have used this workstation, it has continued […]

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RYOBI GD200 Garage Door Opener Review

RYOBI Nailed It! The RYOBI GD 200 Garage Door Opener is a 2hp belt driven garage door opener that has expandable ports to allow for many different attachments.  The current available plug & play accessories include: Retractable Cord Reel, Garage Fan, Bluetooth Speaker, Garage Laser Park Assist and Carbon Monoxide Alarm.  That is on top of a battery backup system […]

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New Tekton Ratcheting Wrench Sets

New Ratcheting Wrenches Tekton came out with a new line of ratcheting wrenches that have a machined gearing system for more precision.  With the teeth of the gear are cut, not press formed, there is g a crisp, precise profile that fully engages with the pawls and can’t skip or slip under stress.  They did not […]

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Milwaukee 60 Inch Mobile Workbench Review 48-22-8560

Milwaukee’s 22″ Deep Workstation Milwaukee has been doing very well in the tool storage system market and they continue to capitalize on that by expanding their offerings.  The 46″ tool storage chest has been in our shop for some time and we use it as our everyday tool box.  We have had no problems with […]

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Milwaukee 30 in. 12-Drawer Steel Tool Storage Chest and Rolling Cabinet 48-22-8530

  Milwaukee’s Best Tool Box Milwaukee is expanding their steel storage line with a new 30 in. 12-Drawer Steel Tool Storage Chest and Rolling Cabinet.  This new tool chest is model number 48-22-8530 and follows a lot of design qualities from the popular 46″ storage chest that Milwaukee release a year or so ago.  While this […]

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Ryobi P135 18V One+ 6-Port Battery SuperCharger Review

Ryobi 6-Port Supercharger Ryobi has upgraded its six port battery charger to the new six port P135 supercharger.  This unit boasts the same charge time of the new single chargers that will charge some batteries in 30 minutes.  The time will depend on the size of battery and the amount that has been depleted.  The […]

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TEKTON 3/4″ Drive Deep Impact Socket Set 4889 4891

3/4″ Drive Impact Sockets Trucks, tractors, heavy equipment and large machinery all use larger nuts and bolts.  If you are working on suspension or servicing equipment, you are likely to run across the need for larger 3/4″ impact sockets.  Be warned, high end sets of these tools can cost a lot of money.  Tekton does provide an affordable, […]

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Milwaukee One Key M18 Fuel 1/4″ Hex Impact Driver Review

One-Key = You The Milwaukee One Key M18 Fuel 1/4″ Hex Impact Driver is the second One-Key enabled tool we have reviewed.  The One-Key M18 Fuel impact driver is similar in power to the standard M18 Fuel impact driver, but One-Key gives the user the chance to make this tool perform exactly how they would like […]

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