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Bosch GAS20-17A 17-Gallon 300-CFM HEPA Dust Extractor Table 1 Compliant

Bosch GAS20-17A 17-Gallon 300-CFM HEPA Dust Extractor Table 1 Compliant

Table 1 Compliance The New Bosch 300-CFM Dust Extractor was designed for high-performance dust extraction in heavy-duty concrete construction applications such as concrete cutting and surface grinding.  In our case, we put this dust extractor to the test while grinding away epoxy from a garage floor and prepping for new epoxy.  The Bosch dust extractor has […]

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Laguna 3hp C Flux Series Cyclone Dust Collector | Woodworking Dust Collection

Dust collection is a must! Nothing kills productivity more than a messy shop. Not only does poor dust collection create an unnecessary mess, it also puts dangerous fine dust particles into the air that can be harmful to your respiratory system. With these things in mind, proper dust collection is a must for any woodshop. […]

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Shop Organization and Dust Control – Rockler Dust Right Products

A clean and organized shop = safe shop Having a shop in a messy and disorganized state is a big moral killer in our woodworking shop. We like to work in a clean space that is organized and provides a efficient working environment. This environment is allows the workers to get their job done in […]

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Woodshop Dust Collection – Nordfab QF Quick Fit System

Serious Dust Collection! Dust creates two major issues in any shop. First is a cleanliness issue what can pose safety risks, but those are the larger particles and chips.  More importantly, dust smaller than 10 microns can be one of the most dangerous and long term items that causes health issues.  These are serious issues that […]

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Controling Dust in a Small Workshop

Wood Dust Safety Many woodworkers start out in a small room or basement as they grow tools and skills to continue their hobby.  Beyond hobbyists, finish carpenters also work indoors a can be susceptible to harmful sawdust.  This might sound odd because most people seem to believe that the most dangerous part of woodworking is […]

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Grizzly’s NEW G0785 Wall Mount Dust Collector

Big Features, Small System Grizzly just came out with a wall mount dust collection system that has a canister filter.  If you check out the dust collection systems, you will not normally find canister filters on models in this size or price range.  This dust collection system will filter down to one micron and features […]

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