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Home Depot Battery Operated Blower Comparison

Pitch the Push  Broom! The broom is out dated technology that should only be used in certain situations. A battery powered blower is a perfect solution to getting the dirt, grass clipping, edging debris, and anything else you don’t want on your driveway, sidewalk, or parking lot. Just blow it off with a battery powered blower! The […]

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F150 Rough Country 4″ Lift Installation

Lift It! Over the years we have installed countless lifts on all kinds of vehicles, even some cars.  Many have been for ourselves, but there have been quite a few for clients.  Almost all of them have been done on the floor without a lift and we would like to stress to you, with a […]

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Muck Daddy Dual Textured Wipes Work Awesome

Muck It Up Muck Daddy’s slogan is you much it up, we clean it up and they are not kidding.  We have used the Muck Daddy wipes in the workshop for the last month and we are addicted.  We have gone as far to say that these wipes have changed how we will work in […]

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Did Your Grandfather Use Lava Soap?

Heavy Duty Hand Cleaning Growing up with one Grandfather in agriculture and the other in carpentry granted some significant life experiences that will stick with me forever.  Both Grandparents homes were very similar; possibly because they were both built by my Grandfather in construction.  Each had a bathroom in the back of the home that was […]

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