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Easy Tips for Keeping that Just Waxed Look on Your Car or Truck - Repel Dirt

Easy Tips for Keeping that Just Waxed Look on Your Car or Truck – Repel Dirt

Easy Care Care We are gar guys and have a small collection to keep clean and protected!  We would much rather drive them than spend hours on cleaning them, but we still want the cars to look their best.  In our YouTube video, we go over the steps we take when we wash our vehicles that […]

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05-14 Mustang GT Ford Performance SVT Front Brake Upgrade Kit also for V6

With HP Comes Brakes While every current Ford Mustang is capable of a single stop from maximum speed at or near the limit of tire adhesion from the factory.  But, the braking systems of these sports cars are not adequate for hard or sport driving, especially once one has added more horsepower and changed the […]

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New Tekton Ratcheting Wrench Sets

New Ratcheting Wrenches Tekton came out with a new line of ratcheting wrenches that have a machined gearing system for more precision.  With the teeth of the gear are cut, not press formed, there is g a crisp, precise profile that fully engages with the pawls and can’t skip or slip under stress.  They did not […]

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GearWrench 9602 16 Pc. Reversible Combination Ratcheting Wrench Set Metric Review

Reversible Ratchet Wrench If you are an automotive mechanic, you most likely have had a great set of ratchet wrenches for some time.  But we visit many weekend warrior shops and even some professionals and found they do not have a set of ratchet wrenches.  We would simply not go without a set of these in our […]

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Motive Product Power Bleeder Pressure Brake Bleeder

Simple Brake Flush or Bleed Flushing of brake systems for most average cars will never happen unless they have some sort of brake issues that forces the brake system to be opened up allowing air into the lines.  Brake fluid is one of those overlooked maintenance items on cars and trucks.  Have you ever wondered […]

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TEKTON 1963 & 1961 Jumbo Combination Wrench Set Review

Affordable Quality When many people think of relaxing and enjoying a beautiful day, they think of sitting by a pool with their favorite drink.  Not us!  We would rather be wrenching on a car or motorized vehicle.  Our alarm clock would be a blown big block starting up at 6:00 am, if it would not […]

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