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Cedar and Steel Chalk Board Frames | Build Video

Cedar and Steel Chalk Board Frames | Build Video

Chalk Board Frames The same client we made the cedar and steel tables for are back again! They purchased a couple chalk board slabs from an old school and they want a matching frame. The clients establishment has a theme and decor that would remind you of an urban city. Exposed I-beams, concrete floors, man-hole […]

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Ryobi's 50 Quart Cooling Cooler For Small Spaces

Ryobi’s 50 Quart Cooling Cooler For Small Spaces

What is a Cooling Cooler? The Home Depot lists this item as a Ryobi Air Conditioned Cooler and Ryobi’s website describes this as a 50-quart cooler that can double as an air cooling unit.  Without much thought, we believed this cooler was an item that would keep the contents of the cooler cold.  It was exciting to think […]

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Makita 18v LXT Cordless Biscuit/Plate Joiner Review

Makita 18v LXT Cordless Biscuit/Plate Joiner Review – XJP03Z

What are biscuits for in woodworking? Biscuits offer excellent alignment and measurable strength in a woodworking joint. A biscuit joiner makes a matching shaped mortise in the two pieces of wood that are meant to be joined together. A biscuit is a small pre-manufactured piece of wood that goes into the mortise aligning the two […]

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Woodworking Gift Ideas Under $100

Gift ideas! Buying a gift for the woodworking in your lift is difficult. You don’t know what they have, what they don’t have, what they want, what they need, or what works with the items they already have. If you are looking for ideas, this is intended to provide you some ideas and inspiration when […]

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Kobalt 24 volt MAX Brushless Impact Driver

Maximum Performance With 50 percent more power and up to 3.6 times more runtime (compared to Kobalt 18V tools), the Kobalt 24 volt MAX lineup is quite impressive. How do you get a 24 volt battery? Kobalt added additional battery cells and reconfigured them to fit in their compact battery packs (referring to the 2 […]

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Miter Saw Station Plans with Drawers using Kreg Trak and Stop System

Perfect Miter Saw Bench The perfect miter saw bench includes drawers, a stop system for repeatable cuts and a perfectly flat surface to cut on.  Well, at least in our shop that is the perfect miter saw bench.  Each shop and each individual will have to decide what is perfect for their uses and shop. […]

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Pocket Hole Drill & Impact Drivers – Makita 12 volt max Review

Makita 12v Max Kit LCT209W When we have people visit our shop they often ask us “Why do you need 3 sets of drills/driver?” and “Why do you have a 12v when you have two other 18v kits?”  The answer is simple!  Each drill driver kit was purchased for a reason, we started out purchasing the 18v kit […]

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Kreg Jig R3 – Pocket Hole Jig Review

Kreg Jig R3 To quote directly from the Kreg Jig website, “The Kreg Jig R3 can build you book cases, shelves, and storage projects for your home. It’s also great for creating custom built-ins, and countless other home improvements projects.” You may be thinking this little compact jig can do all that? Absolutely it can! […]

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Paper Towel Holder – Small Woodworking Project Plans

Paper Towel Holder Building something yourself and using it everyday is a very gratifying experience.  Our video on building a small paper towel holder is just a start to some of the projects that we will walk you through in the near future.  This project can be easily modified for looks and to do what […]

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Centipede Sawhorse and Support XL Weight Testing

  Weight & Structural Testing At the end of October 2015, we published a video about the Centipede Sawhorse and Supports XL.  This was a review where we used the products in their application, but I (Brian) clearly was skeptical on the amount of weight these units were rated to hold.  In that video (Below) […]

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Project – Paver Fire Pit

Recycle Pavers Our WA buddy works at a local brick shop and they have a lot of returns of different brick and pavers that are parts and pieces of kits.  These pavers are set aside and they try to use them in different projects.  We were lucky enough to get some to make a nice […]

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Ridgid R4512 Table Saw Assembly Tips

Best Inexpensive Table Saw Walking in Home Depot you spot what looks to be a nice table saw for around $500.00 and you are wondering how they got it in the box.  Well, we hope to help you answer that question along with what it takes to assemble it. This table saw is priced at […]

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