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SawStop PCS31230-TGP2523-HP Review

According to a report by the United States Consumer Safety Protection Council (CPSC), Table Saws are one of the leading causes of accidents and amputations amongst amateur woodworkers and DIYers. Professionals are not completely spared from these accidents either because the table saw, though a handy Power Tool, can be very tricky to work with. […]

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Edge Pro Professional 4 Knife Sharpening System

Dull is Dangerous Whether you are cutting veggies int he kitchen for your favorite meal, widdling on a piece of wood, or chiseling hand cut dovetails you rely on the cutting edge to do the job. A dull knife, chisel, or any other cutting tool is dangerous. While a dull cutting edge is unpredictable and […]

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Dewalt 20 Volt Max Power Hand Planer

Power Plane Warped Wood! A power hand planer is nothing new but the industry continues to innovate and make these tools better and better each year. Power planners are a unique tool that have specific uses. If you are a contractor, installer, or someone on the job site that needs to scribe a board to […]

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Woodworking Must Have – FeatherPro Featherboard Review

What is a Featherboard? A featherboard is a safety accessory that applies pressure against the workpiece to push it against the fence. This does two things. First, this allows the user to focus his/her attention on the feeding of the material into the blade. Secondly, it dramatically reduces the risk of kickback. What is kickback? […]

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SkilSaw 12 Inch Metal Dry Cut Saw SPT62MTC-22 Review

Metal Dry Cut Miter Saw Cutting metal accurately with cool, clean cuts (without burrs) leaves few options.  Skilsaw’s new 12″ dry cut metal saw features the Diablo Cermet metal blade that spins at 1,500 rpm.  While this saw blade looks like a standard miter saw blade meant for wood, it is defiantly not.  This blade is […]

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