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New Hitachi 18V Brushless 3-1/4" Portable Band Saw | Model CB18DBL

New Hitachi 18V Brushless 3-1/4″ Portable Band Saw | Model CB18DBL

Mid-Sized Portable Band Saw Portable band saws are not new, but companies keep finding ways to innovate these tools to make them better and better each year.  Any metal that can be cut on a band saw in our shop is because of the concentrated chip area.  The slow moving blade keeps the metal debris […]

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Milwaukee M18 FUEL Metal Cutting Circular Saw Review – 2782-20

M18 Metal Circular Saw The Milwaukee FUEL M18 5-3/8″ Metal Saw is a compact and lightweight metal cutting saw designed for electrical, mechanical, plumbing, HVAC and general construction contractors. The M18 saw, model number 2782-20, has a Brushless PowerState Motor for longer battery life and more power.  Milwaukee claims this saw will make over 370 cuts of 3/4″ EMT on […]

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Shop Made – Table Saw Miter Sled for Perfect Miter Joints

Miter Joints Miter Joints are very common in woodworking and can sometimes have a intimidating impressions, especially to a beginner. They are not hard to do but tricky to setup. There are two things  you need to have a successful miter joint. One, you need to have the two cuts equal 90 degrees. It is common […]

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Model 6SS Carpenters Square – Woodpeckers OneTIME Tool

Perfect 90’s and 45’s Whether you are on the jobsite or in the woodshop, you can appreciate a tool that allows you to complete your task quickly and efficiently without sacrificing accuracy. The standard speed square offers the speed of marking out a 90 or 45 degree angle very quickly, but how accurate are those […]

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Rockwell Sonicrafter F80 Oscillating Multi-Tool Review

Rockwell Sonicrafter F80 Oscillating Multi-Tool Oscillating tools are a great tool for the always occurring job in tight spacing. Sanding, cutting, and scraping are all tasks that requiring movement to complete the job. An oscillating tool completes this job with very little movement, but yet is very effective. This little movement makes it a perfect […]

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New Dewalt Pocket & Utility Knives

Durable, Folding, Retractable, Cool Dewalt has released a few new version of their pocket and utility knives.  Both sets are pretty comfortable and built with decent quality.  The pocket knives have a high carbon stainless steel but with all the marketing around the blade material, you never know how high of quality you are buying […]

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Pocket Hole Drill & Impact Drivers – Makita 12 volt max Review

Makita 12v Max Kit LCT209W When we have people visit our shop they often ask us “Why do you need 3 sets of drills/driver?” and “Why do you have a 12v when you have two other 18v kits?”  The answer is simple!  Each drill driver kit was purchased for a reason, we started out purchasing the 18v kit […]

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DEWALT has a New 20V MAX Brushless Planer

Brushless Woodworking! DEWALT is coming out with a new 20V max Brushless Planer that will be perfect for use in scribing cabinets and countertops, leveling framing lumber, chamfering handrails, post beveling door edges, as well as shaping and tapering wood trim.  This tool becomes much more portable and easier to use since it does not have […]

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SkilSaw 12 Inch Metal Dry Cut Saw SPT62MTC-22 Review

Metal Dry Cut Miter Saw Cutting metal accurately with cool, clean cuts (without burrs) leaves few options.  Skilsaw’s new 12″ dry cut metal saw features the Diablo Cermet metal blade that spins at 1,500 rpm.  While this saw blade looks like a standard miter saw blade meant for wood, it is defiantly not.  This blade is […]

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Skilsaw 10 IN. Worm Drive Table Saw SPT70WT-22

Worm Drive! Yes, Skilsaw has released their new worm drive table saw and it is a powerful package.  If you are a fan of the Bosch GTS1031, you will like this saw because it is a bit larger and very similarly designed.  The worm drive gearing allows for ripping 4×4’s and other thick plywood without bogging […]

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Milwaukee 10-1/4″ Circular Saw Review 6470-21

10-1/4″ of Torque Framing crews and other construction contractors will enjoy the extreme cutting ability of the Milwaukee 6470-21, 10-1/4″ Circular Saw.  This is a 15 Amp saw that is built with the power and capacity to handle the most extreme cutting applications. Spinning at 5,200 RPM, the saw easily cuts at max capacity without bogging down under load. […]

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Grizzly G0555X 14” Extreme Bandsaw

Extreme Review The Grizzly Go555X extreme bandsaw is a 1-1/2 HP, nearly vibration free brandsaw with a sturdy storage base cabinet, built in accessories, and optional riser block kit.  Grizzly took their popular G0555 bandsaw and added some upgrades to create the G0555X.  The upgrades include a larger motor, a larger table, removing the stock […]

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