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Wood & Metal Projects | Milwaukee M18 Fuel Mag Drill in the Shop 2787-22

Drilling holes in large metal material When tasked to drill holes in large metal objects, it can be tricky to get the right tool for the job. For the smaller and less frequent applications, one could use a standard drill and bit to get the job done. But if you are going to be doing […]

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Hitachi G12VE 4-1/2″ AC Brushless Variable Speed Angle Grinder Review

Variable Speed Grinder Hitachi has been innovating corded AC brushless tools with an internal inverter circuit that regulates power.  That makes these tools ideal for construction because they can run at full power on a long extension cord or on a generator with an uneven power supply.  These tools have shown to have excellent quality […]

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Milwaukee Redstick Level Overview – What to expect

Do You Need Tough? The Milwaukee Redstick Box Levels provide excellent vial readability, frame durability and overall strength.  Milwaukee Tool has added some lingo to these levels in the marketing to help the buyer understand their levels.  Some of the words you will see are: ALL-METAL BACKBONE, SHARPSITE Vial Technology and Amplified Rare Earth Magnets.  Along with […]

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Milwaukee M18 Cordless 5-3/8″ Metal Saw

M18 Metal Circular Saw The Milwaukee M18 5-3/8″ Metal Saw is a compact and lightweight metal cutting saw designed for electrical, mechanical, plumbing, HVAC and general construction contractors. The M18 saw, model number 2682, has a 4-Pole Frameless Motor specifically designed for metal cutting.  Milwaukee claims this saw will make over 200 cuts of 3/4″ EMT on a single […]

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