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Bosch GCB10-5 Deep Cut Band Saw Review | 4-3/4" Depth

Bosch GCB10-5 Deep Cut Band Saw Review | 4-3/4″ Depth

Corded Affordability The Bosch Power Tools GCB10-5 deep-cut band saw is a corded band saw that features a 10 Amp motor with variable-speed settings from 100 surface feet per minute up to 380 surface feet per minute.  The Bosch GCB10-5 has a cut capacity of 4-3/4″ and weighs only 14.5 pounds.  The LED light can […]

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Dremel 4300 Series 1.8 Amp Corded Variable Speed Rotary Tool Kit

Dremel 4300 If a word is synonymous for anything, Dremel is for rotary tools. They are the true leader in the industry with their vast product lines, accessories, and innovation. Dremel is an American brand that is known for their rotary tools. They were originally created by Albert J. Dremel in 1932 in Racine, Wisconsin. […]

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Make Your Own Thin Rip Push Jig for a Table Saw

Keep those fingers safe! Ripping thin stock on the table saw can be a dangerous operation if you don’t have the proper safety accessories and protocol. For discussion purposes, we are going to classify “thin stock” as any material under 1.5″ wide. When cutting material on the table saw with the fence so close to […]

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Miter Saw Station Plans with Drawers using Kreg Trak and Stop System

Perfect Miter Saw Bench The perfect miter saw bench includes drawers, a stop system for repeatable cuts and a perfectly flat surface to cut on.  Well, at least in our shop that is the perfect miter saw bench.  Each shop and each individual will have to decide what is perfect for their uses and shop. […]

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Bosch Speed Clean Bits Review in SDS-Plus & SDS-Max

For Your Health Drilling holes in concrete is always very interesting, but just like wood, the dust can be very harmful to your respiratory system.  Today contractors are looking to protect their employees but also complete work faster to be able to win bids and put more money in their pocket.  The Bosch Speed Clean […]

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Bosch PL2632K 3-1/4″ Planer Review

Dual Blade Planer Handheld planers can be incredibly useful in the shop or on the jobsite.  When looking at them, there are some items that make some stand out more than others.  Take a close look at the number of blades, how the dust extraction works, how the cord attaches and if the fence will […]

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Comfortable – Dewalt’s New Maxfit Screwdrivers

Dewalt has a new line of Maxfit Screwdrivers that boast a new tip design offering maximum fit in fasteners in order to help eliminate stripped screws.  We were able to open the DWHT62058 kit and take a look at them while using them around our shop for a month. My first impression of the screwdriver was […]

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