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Ridgid 18v Brushless Drill & Impact Driver – Tough Testing

Ridgid Brushless Era When the Ridgid Gen5x line was released, everyone wondered if it was going to be brushless.  Ridgid had more to prove with their permanent magnet motors at that time but has now moved forward with the Rigdig Gen5X Brushless line.  The Brushless line has been very, very impressive to work with.  The specs have been […]

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RIDGIDs Gen5X Stealth Force Brushless 18-Volt Pulse Driver

3 Speed Ridgid Impact Driver Ridgid has released the new Brushless Stealth Force pulse driver, similar to an impact driver, but uses oil to transfer the impacting motion.  The use of oil results in a quieter operation.  Ridgid claims this tool to be up to twice as fast as standard impact drivers and in the […]

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Next Gen Milwaukee M18 Compact Impact Wrenches

2754 & 2755B Review Milwaukee’s 2 Generation impact wrenches are quite bit different than the first generation.  The first thing that you notice is the size.  They are shorter in length and width when you compare them.  This is important in a compact impact wrench because they are used in hard to reach areas where you […]

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Milwaukee M18 Fuel 1/2″ Compact Impact Wrench Review

2655 & 2655B Review The power of the full sized Milwaukee Fuel impact wrench is amazing, but the weight needed to produce 1,100 ft pounds is not always ideal for all day use.  Milwaukee Tool has introduced the M18 1/2″ compact impact wrench that is the same size as the 3/8″ M18 compact impact wrench. […]

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Milwaukee M18 FUEL 4-1/2″ / 5″ Braking Grinder Review

2783-22 Grinder Review Milwaukee Tool now has a cordless braking grinder that stops accessories in less than 2 seconds.  The electronic break is a great improvement to an already top performing grinder that Milwaukee boasts it delivers the power of a corded grinder. To add to the list of things we really enjoyed in this […]

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Best Bosch Impact Drivers 2015

Bosch Tough Impact Drivers Bosch offers a good variety of impact drivers that all have a unique purpose or are built to fit many needs.  While the top performer in Bosch’s impact driver lineup is currently a brushless model, each one has a good solid reputation for being long lasting tough impacts.  The two impact drivers we picked out to […]

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Bosch 18 Volt Reciprocating Saw Review- CRS180K

Cordless Reciprocating Saw In recent years cordless reciprocating saws have started to have the power of their corded relatives and they have been huge in the construction industry.  When looking at these types of saws, I evaluate ergonomics, power, vibration dampening, and battery life to see if the saw is up to the task of being […]

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Ridgid Gen5x Recip Saw

RIDGID Gen5X Reciprocating Saw R8642

Gen5X Reciprocating Saw When Ridgid introduced the next generation Gen5X  combo kit, I was excited to get my hands on the reciprocating saw. Ridgid talked up the Gen5X permanent magnet motors saying they have great power, performance and runtime. The nice part about the kit is that the batteries are 4.0 amp hour Lithium-Ion batteries that can […]

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Ridgid Gen5X 18V Hammer Drill Review

Ridgid Hammer Drill – R8611503 Ridgid’s Gen5X hammer drill is the new line of permanent magnet motor tools.  Ridgid has made some bold statements with power concerning these tools and we have put them to the test.  There are few hammer Drills on the market with the power Ridgid claims to have, so this gives them […]

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Ridgid Gen5X 18V Cordless Impact Driver R86035

Gen5X 3 Speed Impact Driver There is a massive market of impact drivers available to consumers and the Ridgid Gen5X separates itself by offering some great power (2,000 in-lbs torque) along with 3 speed settings for adjustable power. Three speed settings give you a range of power to complete small tasks right on up to […]

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Ryobi 18-Volt ONE+ Dual Power Portable Fan Review

Ryobi Hybrid Cool Home, work, job-sites, shops, camping and every place in between can be an uncomfortable environment when its hot, unless you have the right tool.  In this case, the right tool is the Ryobi 18-Volt ONE+ Dual Power Portable Fan due to it’s versatility to work in many of the environments it might be needed […]

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