Tool to the work-piece of work-piece to the tool?

A portaband bandsaw is a perfect solution for the situations where your material is too big and cumbersome to bring to a piece of machinery. The idea is the user can bring the tool to the work piece and not struggle carrying the large object. They are also great for material that is stationary. An example would be piping that is in a concrete all or plumbing that needs to be cut. There is also occasions when bringing the work piece to the tool is preferred. If the work piece is small to medium size and can be handled with ease, we prefer to bring the work piece to the tool. Where this gets tricky is the cost of equipment for a stationary tool. A solution is taking a Portaband and mounting it to a table. Yes we have all secured it in a vice but a commercial solution is safer and easy to setup. Swag Off Road has come up with the perfect solution!

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Portaband Table

Swag Off Road had created their tables out 3/16″ thick steel plate that is CNC laser cut and then CNC press break. The entire table weighs 18 pounds. It is beefy, durable, and stout. The weight is excellent to help keep it from scooting around on your work surface.

The legs each have two holds to mount it to your work surface or even clamp it in place. With a table dimensions of 9.75 tall, 11″ deep & 13.5″ wide, it is small enough to still be portable but large enough to be usable and valuable.

Specs and Features Recap:

  • 9.75 tall
  • 11″ deep
  • 13.5″ wide
  • 18 pounds
  • 3/16″ steel plate
  • Precision CNC laser cut and press break
  • Mounting holes and flanges to clamp to surface
  • Powder coated surface


With such a simple part, assembly was very approachable. two bolts and locking nuts were used to secure each leg to the table top. There are then two screws that attach the plate to the saw with two machine screws. The plate is then slide in place and secured with a large red threaded knob. It is that simple!


Switching modes

As we discussed before, a Portaband is excellent for bringing the tool to the work piece and the Swag Off Road Table is an excellent accessory to turn that Portaband into a metal cutting bandsaw. With this setup you bring the material to the tool. The excellent advantage of the Portaband table is the saw can easily be removed and back into portability mode. This done in literally second by removing the red knob that hold the plate to the table. Same for putting it back on.

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M18 Portaband

The Portaband table is an excellent tool. A Portaband saw is an excellent tool. Combine the two and have the Portaband be a cordless M18 model by Milwaukee. Now you have a combination that is extremely hard to beat. Now in both modes, the units are entirely portable. No cords. No hassle. Pure freedom. This is excellent for folks on the go that need to be on job-sites each and every day or simply stored away in their work vehicles or trailers. Same for folks in the workshop. For our shop, this unit will be on a shelf or in a cupboard and can quickly be pulled out for a simple job.

Swag Off Road includes a velcro strap for the trigger switch. Simply tighten the strap to turn the saw on and loosen it to turn it off.