One Cool Service Cart

Organization has been the key to happiness in our shop and the SUNEX 8035XTOR 3 Drawer Service Cart has helped us to keep parts and pieces close to the tools that we need.  We have used this cart while ceramic coating our vehicles, adding lighting systems to side by sides and for installing a new motor in our Corvette.  The SUNEX 8035XTOR cart has excellent build quality with the ability for the top to slide and open giving you a lot of space to organize parts and close the lid in order to work on items on top of the stainless steel work surface.

The cart is fairly large at  37″ wide by 21″ deep by 43″ tall, but also small enough to move around the shop and vehicles feeling like you are completely in control.

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Good Carts Have Everything

Mechanics have a lot of tools that do not fit into drawers nicely!  This rolling cart takes that into consideration with a built-in pry bar, long screwdriver, and extension storage.  The drawers are recessed with aluminum drawer pulls that allow for 100% full extension and the drawers measure XX deep.  Inside the top is a power strip with two USB plugs for charging tools, or a phone.  There are plastic protective bumpers on each corner that will help protect anything you might bump with the cart.  The 4″ swivel casters allow for great movement and two of the casters lock to hold that cart in place.  The cart has a capacity of 500 pounds, so it is designed to be moved around and used as a service cart.  I am sure you could load it with more tools and weight if it were to stay stationary.

While the cart is full of excellent options, the sliding top that opens and contains tons of storage is what stands out to me.  Everyone will use this is for something different, but for us, we use this as a place to organize parts.  When we take something apart, it is normally in pieces for more than a day and the key to putting everything back correctly in very quickly is organization.  This top will easily hide these parts out of the way and allow you to work on top of them on the stainless steel top or even lock them up if you work in an area with many other people.

SUNEX as a brand has many tools made for the professional but priced very fairly.  This cart is a great example of a unit designed for a full time working professional and priced right so it is affordable.  There were no corners cut in this design and you can tell when you open up the cart and use it.

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