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Stihl Straight Shaft Lawn Edger FC 110 Review

Take back your driveways and sidewalks!

To get the perfect curb appeal, you need to have your driveways and sidewalks cleaned up from the overgrowth. A nicely groomed house cannot be had without a properly edged property. There are many options out there from labor intensive manual trimmers, attachments for string trimmers, wheeled walk behind units, and then there are the dedicated straight shaft string trimmers like the FC 110 from Stihl. Coming in at the top of the class, the Stihl FC 110 is a perfect solution to clean up that pesky overgrowth.

Stihl FC 110 Straight Shaft Edger

The FC 110 is a durable unit that comes from the well known Stihl company that produces equipment for the professional or hardcore outdoor property enthusiast.  This unit is powered by a large 1.4 HP engine that had no issues handle a wide varieties of properties. From the residential to the commercial, the FC110 sliced right through the properties that have never been edged before. With 6 properties completed in a very short amount of time, we have concluded that this machine is built very well.



FC110 Features

Built in the USA – It is always nice to see a USA made product!

“Line of Sight” Marking – A top notch on the top of the guard shows where the blade is in relation to the guard. This helps increase control and create a cleaner, more accurate initial plunge cut.

Reduced-Emission Engine Technology – Low exhaust emissions that are cleaner than EPA and/or CARB exhaust emission standards.

Skid Plate – The replaceable skid plate protects the gearbox during use.

Adjustable Depth Wheel –  The dual functioning adjustable depth wheel allows the user to adjust for depth control and helps reduce the weight of the unit by rolling it as you walk along.

Open Guard Design – Helps minimize clogging for more efficient cutting. It is also very easy to clean if it does get clogged (power down the unit first).

FC 110 Experience

Using the FC 110 was a real treat to use. The cut quality was the result of the user walking in a smooth manner and not twisting the head of the edger. If the unit was twisted, the blade would dig into the grass or knick the concrete. This is completely normal and is typical with most edgers on the market today.

The FC 110 had serious power. With edging 6 total properties in a single day, I came across a wide variety of situations. Some properties have never been edged and had significant overgrowth, while other were frequently edged and didn’t need much more than a quick pass. In addition to the amount of overgrowth is the type of soil and grass that was encountered. Some properties were extremely soft, as they were watered frequently. While, other properties were extremely hard as they didn’t get much water. Even with the hard soils, the FC 110 powered right through them.

This unit is marketed towards the professional that is going to use it day in and day out. In my testing, I wanted to replicate this. 6 properties were edged in a single day to simulate the contractor efficiently bouncing from one property to another. After the 3rd property, I concluded the unit is a bit heavy and puts the user in a bit of an uncomfortable position for prolonged uses. The adjustable wheel helps but it is back heavy and the user is holding on the back end of the unit.

edger 4 Edger 1 Edger 2 edger 3

My Edging Style

I have a non-traditional edging style. I like to take a step forward and then a step backwards. This allows the edger to pass over the same spot twice with the first pass going forward and the second pass going backwards. The first pass with make the initial cut and hopefully evacuate the material. The second backwards pass will pull all the material (at your set depth) out very efficiently.

I will also cleanup the majority of the site and then make one last final pass to make sure it is edged correctly.

edger 7 edger 5

edger 6



The FC 110 Straight Shaft Edger by Stihl is a workhorse. It is powerful and can certainly do the task and do it very well. But it does come in a heavy package. If I was a professional, I would have a wheeled walk behind unit for the yards that are first time edging opportunities and then have the FC 110 on the trailer or truck to tackle the properties that are refreshing jobs and breeze right through them.

On the other hand, if you are a contractor that doesn’t have a lot of customers that require edging but want a nice solid unit to have on hand when you do get the call, the FC110 is a perfect unit to have on the trailer or in the truck.

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