STI Tires & Rims

Here are a few great reasons to remove the stock tires and rims from your Polaris RZR and upgrade!  The stock tires on a Polaris RZR Turbo S are narrow and great at a few specific tasks, but they are not a great all around tire.  They perform fair in light mud because they are skinny, they are horrible in the sand because they are skinny and on snow they are poor.  The tire or the stock rims do not compliment the machine at all, or at least they do not once you see what other tires and rims look like on the Turbo S.  Here are a few pictures.

Here are the tires, rims, and beadlocks we picked up for our Project Polaris Turbo S 4:

STI Wheel 15HB925 15X7 4/156 6+1 HD9

STI 15HB9R17 15 HD9 Beadlock Ring Blue

STI Tire and Wheel 209-1647 32X10R-15 XCOMP 10PLY DOT

The new STI rims and tires benefit us greatly because the beadlock rims allow us to air down the tires more for sand.  The 10 ply tires are a fairly soft sidewall so it does flex and still provide a good ride.  Since the sidewalls do flex, when aired down they do perform well in the sand compared to stock tires. The X Comps have a more aggressive tread design and sidewall lugs to help protect the tire more in rough and sharp terrain.  The truck inspired tire lugs clean out well in mud and stick to the ground on hardpack and allow for very controllable turns.

The sizing of the X Comps is very close to the advertised size.  We found them to be 1/4″ shorter than the Stock ITP Coyotes but over 1-3/8″ wider in the tread width and 3/4″ inch wider in total tire width.  The STI X Comps more realistically reflect a 32 x 10 tire.  Not many people want a 32 x 10 tire that has a 7-1/2″ tread width like the stock ITP Coyote tires.

Since the Polaris RZR Turbo S 4 is already very wide for many trails, we did not want to make it much wider.  STI offers the HD9 bealock rims in a 50mm offset that is more commonly referred to as 6+1.  This is the exact same offset as stock and allows us to mount tires that are wider without the machine gaining too much width.  This means we can fit down the same trails and in the same trailers without issue.

The looks of the machine have completely changed and our project is slowly moving forward.  We could not be happier with the new rims and tires!  STI has helped us reach our goals by giving us a nice wide tire and a rim that matches the stock backspacing.