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Southwire Retractable Cord Reel on Milwaukee 46″ Tool Box

Extension Cord Missing

Our shop has switched over to mostly battery operated tools, but we still rely on corded power for some jobs.  The problem in our shop is not finding a plug on the wall or in the toolbox but finding an extension cord to allow you to take the tool to the job.  There is a small issue in the shop with extension cords walking away.  For as little as we use them, one would think it would be easy to find one, but it is not.  Our solution was to buy a decent retractable cord reel and attach it to our Milwaukee 46″ toolbox so it is out of the way but still easy to use when needed.

This is a very simple solution to our problem and the Milwaukee toolbox offers many mounting places.  We chose to mount it on the bottom of the box next to the power strip near the back so it is out of the way.  There are many places one could mount it.  To mount the retractable cord reel, we used the center hole that was predrilled in the mounting bracket and marked the other two holes we needed to drill with masking tape.  It will take less than 5 minutes to have this cord reel mounted up to your toolbox!

If you are looking at cord reels, look at the amp rating and wire size.  There are many on the market that are 16/3 wire (small) and rated for 10 amps.  We purchased a Southwire model that has 14/3 wire and is rated for 13 amps.  You can go up in wire size and amp ratings from there, but costs quickly rise.  We found that www.fastoolnow.com had a variety of units from medium grade to high end.

Made in the USA

Finding a retractable cord reel that is made in the USA is not easy or affordable for us, but while on Fastoolnow’s website, we did buy some made in the USA Southwire tools.  This was an impulse purchase and something we have a weakness for with hand tools.  The compact wire strippers are what caught our eye for working under the dash of our cars, but that quickly added up to more small tools that we use for working around the house or yard.


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