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Skilsaw SPT70V-11 Super Sawsquatch 16-5/16″ Worm Drive Saw Review

ONE BIG Circular Saw

Skilsaw is advancing the Worm Drive line with the new 16-5/16″ Super Sawsquatch. This saw is currently the biggest worm drive saw that Skilsaw makes.  Calling this saw a beast does not do it justice.  Once you place the new Super Sawsquatch next to the 10″ Sawsquatch, you quickly can see that the Super Sawsquatch is massive.  Placing a normal worm drive 7-1/4″ Skilsaw next to it makes the standard saw look like a toy.

If you need a large cutting capacity, the Skilsaw Super Sawsquatch has it at 6-1/4″.  The Super Sawsquatch is made almost all out of magnesium, including a  die-cast footplate.  Calling this saw lightweight seems odd since it weighs over 27 pounds, but the weight helps to give you confidence while lifting the saw into place. As will all Skilsaw Worm Drive saws, this saw also has a 15 amp dual-field motor and brass worm drive gearing.

The Super Sawsquatch comes with an auxiliary handle that can be mounted in two positions.  The more forward position might be used more often in a bevel situation.  If you would like, there is a dust collection elbow that will help to collect a large amount of sawdust made from cutting.    Kickback control is user controlled through friction.  The outer washer on the blade will allow for slippage depending on the torque of the blade bolt.  This is adjusted by how tightly you connect the blade with the bolt.

Depth adjustment is done with a metal lever at the rear of the saw with a slide that is not marked for depth.  If you are using this saw, it will most likely be for thick cuts and highly unlikely that one would use it for a thin cut due to the size of the saw.  Markings on the depth of cut would be pretty pointless.  Bevel adjustments are made with a metal lever up front and there are clear markings showing the bevel angle of the saw.  The saw will bevel up to 45 degrees.  The foot includes line guides for 0 degrees and 45 degrees.

This saw includes a blade brake.  When you let off the trigger, the blade will come to a fairly quick stop.  With a saw of this size, that can increase the safety of use and production.  There is also a fair amount of rotational torque applied to the saw when you start and stop the saw.  Even with the fairly slow start, the power of the large blade turning is very apparent.


  • 6-1/4 In. cutting capacity
  • Largest capacity worm drive circular saw
  • Magnesium die-cast footplate
  • All magnesium construction
  • 15 AMP Dual-Field motor
  • 16-5/16 In. SKILSAW blade  included
  • Electric brake

Saw Kit Includes

  • SPT70V-11 Super Sawsquatch
  • 16-5/16 In. SKILSAW blade
  • Saw Stand
  • Multifunction-wrench

Cutting Beams

The new Super Sawsquatch is going to be perfect for the person who works with larger beams or pole structures where 6×6 lumber is used.  Let’s not forget that we can cut a 4×4 complete with a 45-degree bevel!  This saw is perfect for those larger cuts, but will not be ones go-to saw for everything.  The saw weighs in at almost 28 pounds, so this is more of a specialty saw, even if your motto is “Go Big or Go Home”.

The saw feels like it is turning at a lower RPM, but the size of the blade gives the teeth a pretty fast cut.  The blade brake is a very welcome addition to this large saw as is the multiple position auxiliary handle gives the user a choice of the most comfortable position for them.  Safety on a saw like this is important.

Many woodworkers have commented that they could use this saw for milling.  There is plenty of power for that use, even in more wet wood.  If you have a reason to cut 6-1/4″ deep, this saw provides the worm drive power and confidence to do so safely.


Arbor Size 1″ round Amperage 15A Foot Material: Magnesium Maximum Cut Depth at 45° 4-5/16″(109mm)
Blade Size 16-5/16″ Maximum RPM – No Load 2,500 Gear Housing: Magnesium Maximum Cut Depth at 90° 6-1/4″ (158.25mm)
Cord Length 10 ft Motor Gearing: Worm Drive Motor Housing: Magnesium
Height 17.5″
Weight 27.3 lbs

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