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SkilSaw MEDUSAW Worm Drive 7″ Concrete Cutting Saw Review

Safe Concrete Scoring

img_20161017_163848493If you are in the market for a safe, one person operation for scoring concrete up to a depth a 2″, the new Skilsaw MEDUSAW might be right for you.  The Skilsaw MEDUSAW is a worm drive saw that was designed specifically for concrete cutting.  Since safety is the main concern, the Medusa has the option of cutting dry with a vacuum connection or cutting wet with the water hook up.  Either way, the task is simple and very effective.

In construction safety of workers is a huge concern, but so is accuracy.  Skilsaw has a folding line cut gauge and also 2 more markings on the saw to ensure your cut is exactly where it is needed.  The plunge operation and tool free depth stop work great and provide a smooth operation.

img_20161017_164416817Skilsaw equipped the MEDUSAW with an aluminum guard, housing and skate to shave off some weight.  They have 4 wheels that provide a skate action for smooth, straight cuts.  The saw has 5,100 rpm no-load and also provides the worm drive torque that is needed for tough concrete cuts.

An auxiliary handle doubles as a dust port with a provided accessory for wet/dry vac connections.  If you have water, there is also a removable water rig for wet cuts.  While cutting wet, you can rest assured you are not in any danger as there is an included ground fault interrupter to make sure the user is safe.

These units will be available in stores soon!  Be sure to check out our YouTube video for a complete walk around of the saw and to see it in use.

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