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Skilsaw 8″ Outlaw Worm Drive Saw for Metal Review Model SPT78MMC-22

Skilsaw Metal Outlaw

IMG_20160505_082600860Skilsaw could not have come up with a better name for their new portable worm drive metal cutting saw.  The Skilsaw 8″ Outlaw Worm Drive Saw for metal is one sweet saw that lives up to its name.  The word outlaw might bring thoughts of a rebel or a person rules don’t apply to.  To be an outlaw, one must be tough, rugged and be able to show power and strength.  The Skilsaw Outlaw does that without breaking a sweat.  Who would think of cutting 1/4″ flat stock with a hand held circular saw with easy and speed?  In our testing we were cutting 1/4 angle iron just like it was 2×4 pine lumber.  Even better than cutting wood, this saw has a chip collection tray built into the guard that allows it to collect more chips than its big brother, the 12″ Skilsaw Dry Cut Miter Saw.

The Skilsaw Outlaw comes with a Diablo Cermet carbide metal blade that is capable of spinning at 4,000 rpm.  This blade is a combination of ceramic and metal carbide creating a blade that will cut up to 1/4″ steel in a tenth of the time an abrasive wheel, without the sparks, heat and burs.  (Read more on Diablo’s website)  The Diablo blade leaves little, if any, clean up before you weld.  Rather than sparks, this saw and blade combination takes off small chips and sends them to the chip collection area at the rear of the saw.


  • First worm drive for metal from the company that invented it for reliable cutting
  • Innovative handle design for balance and comfort with the only blade window for clean and consistent cutting
  • Worm drive gearing and best in class dual-field motor for power, precision and durability
  • Specifically designed from the ground up for cutting metal
  • 2-5/8″ cutting depth and 3,800 RPM
  • 2-3/4″ maximum cut depth at 90°

Straight Up

IMG_20160505_082352982Our first cuts with this saw were a bit slow as we became more comfortable cutting 1/4″ steel with a hand held saw.  It was a change for us to be able to cut 1/4″ mild steel with accuracy so fast while leaving a cut ready to weld without heat or cleanup.  The worm drive portion of the saw was very familiar, while some other items stood out to us as must have items.  First there are windows to allow you to view the line of cut.  Since there are metal pieces flying all over when you cut metal, Skilsaw covered the normal cut window, helping the tool to direct the chips into a collector that is connected to the blade guard.  This chip collector is amazing and collects 75% of the chips produced from cutting with the saw.  The top handle that sweeps over the blade was welcomed as more control can be applied when cutting thick metal.  There is also a small lever to move the blade guard forward to help you start cuts accurately.  These last two items would be more than welcomed on the 7-1/4 inch worm drive saw made for cutting wood!


IMG_20160505_082347154This saw came out of the gates blazing through steel.  we were not used to this and it initially made us a bit uncomfortable to cut this material with a hand held saw.  Not only did we gain confidence over the time of use, we also realized more and more the quality that was designed into this tool.  This saw is not only great for cutting metal siding, but it will cut your 1/4″ flat stock, angle iron, and all kinds of other mild steel.  There are also other blades available for cutting hard metals like stainless steel.  Don’t be hesitant if this is a saw sounds like something you would use.  It will impress.

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  1. Joe McCauley #

    Is the outlaw ac/dc? It would be nice as I could use it in the field with my welder….thx

    August 20, 2019 at 4:44 pm Reply

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