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SkilSaw 12 Inch Metal Dry Cut Saw SPT62MTC-22 Review

Metal Dry Cut Miter Saw

IMG_20160428_131737402Cutting metal accurately with cool, clean cuts (without burrs) leaves few options.  Skilsaw’s new 12″ dry cut metal saw features the Diablo Cermet metal blade that spins at 1,500 rpm.  While this saw blade looks like a standard miter saw blade meant for wood, it is defiantly not.  This blade is a combination of ceramic and metal carbide creating a blade that will cut up to 1/4″ steel in a tenth of the time an abrasive wheel, without the sparks, heat and burs.  (Read more on Diablo’s website)  The Diablo blade leaves little, if any, clean up before you weld.  Rather than sparks, this saw and blade combination takes off small chips and sends them to the chip collection area at the rear of the saw.

Other items to note when comparing dry cut saws to abrasive saws is the dust in the air.  Abrasive saws create a very dirty dust that can collect on the walls and also in your lungs over time.  This dry cut saw creates larger chips, that for the most part can be easily collected.  This leaves the shop cleaner along with your cuts!


  • 4.53 in. (115 mm) Max cut @ 90° for round pipe
  • 3.94 in. (100 mm) Max cut @ 90° for square stock
  • 3.15 in. x 6.22 in. (80 mm x 158 mm) Max cut @ 90° for rectangular stock

Fast Miter

IMG_20160428_132031462If you were to compare most chop saws to this model, many would be much more difficult to miter.  Chop saws typically come with abrasive blades and a miter adjustment that is changed by loosening a fastener with an on-board tool.  They do this because most chop saws are not used for miter cuts and if they are, the need for accuracy is not needed.  This saw has a tool free miter adjustment to cut a miter up to 45 degrees.

The high speed metal saws with the carbide tipped blades bring a new level of accuracy and speed to cutting metal.  This lends them to be used in situations where a horizontal band saw might be used.  The miter saw type metal dry cut saw is faster and easier to use while being much more mobile!  If you are building trailers or construction with tubing, this saw will be able to give you the quick accuracy needed with little clean up between the cutting and wending process.

Steel Studs?  Maybe not….

Every saw has what it is good and bad at and this saw rocks at cutting metal that does not have a thin open edge.  The Diablo Cermet blade works to chip away small pieces of metal and while it cuts it can catch edges of thin metal and tear it rather than cut.  This lends to bending and tearing with very thin C channel or light duty metal suds.  Abrasive chop saws work better at these smaller and lighter pieces.

Cast Aluminum Base

This saw takes a step up from normal chop saws with its cast base as an upgrade from the typical stamped base that comes with many chop saws.  The base includes an extendable work surface that allows the user to extend or retract it based on the material cut.  If this is your shop saw, there are holes in the saw to allow it to be bolted down.  One could also use those holes to attach this to a mobile stand for field use.  Even if you do not bolt it down, the saw is still very stable compared to the stamped steel counterparts in the abrasive chop saw market.


  • 15A, 120VAC Motor
  • No Load 1,500 rpm
  • Aluminum guards & base
  • Resin housing & handles
  • Tool Weight: 38.2 lbs. (17.3 Kg) without blade, cord, and wrench
  • Cord Length: 8 ft. (2.4 m)

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3 Responses to “SkilSaw 12 Inch Metal Dry Cut Saw SPT62MTC-22 Review”

  1. Caleb #

    Can you just swap out the toothed blade for an abrasive blade for cutting very thin materials?

    May 4, 2016 at 7:24 am Reply
    • Great question. It is a 1″ arbor, so you would have to have an abrasive blade to match. I am going to have to check.

      May 4, 2016 at 7:51 am Reply
  2. Mike Brennan #

    I have a 14″ Evolution cold cut metal chop saw and love it.
    These saws are the best for metal work

    May 6, 2016 at 8:31 pm Reply

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