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Skilsaw Sawsquatch 10-1/4″ Worm Drive Circular Saw

Skilsaw SPT70WM-22 Review


If you cut 4x and larger lumber, the Skilsaw 10-1/4 in Worm Drive Circular Saw is either already in your arsenal or it is on the want list. If you are building large projects and are sandwiching multiple 2x’s, a single 4x or even 6x, this saw will power through allowing you to make fewer cuts.  A 4x can be cut clean in one pass along with stacked 2x lumber or laminate beams.  The motor on this worm drive saw is a 15-Amp dual field motor designed specifically for the larger 10-1/4″ saw. It is designed to keep the motor cool under high load while providing the power needed for large, long cuts.  With all of its magnesium parts, the saw weighs in at 16.5 pounds and thankfully includes a rafter hook.

Features & Specs

  •  cut 4x clean a single pass
  • 15 amp Dual-Field motor 
  • Magnesium motor, shoe & guards 
  • Oil bath gear box
  • 40-tooth Diablo carbide blade 
  • 15A motor
  • 4600 RPM
  • 3-11/16″ cutting capacity at 90°, 2-3/4″ cutting capacity at 45°
  • 51° bevel capacity
  • 16.5 pounds Without Blade & Cord

Single Cut

Skilsaw_Sawsquatch_OverviewLandscaping timbers, 4x lumber on decks and pole barns or two 2x lumber stacked, this saw will cut through them in a single pass.  The included Diablo blade with a diamond arbor cuts very clean, but the weight of the saw give you a lot of the feeling of power.  While cutting multiple 4x and landscaping lumber, the saw never really slowed in rpm.  I found myself trying to push a bit to find where the torque curve of the saw was, but I could not slow the saw down much.  Six sheets of 1/2″ OSB were nothing for it to cut, in fact, it was harder on me due to the wind and serious amount of saw dust in the air.  The weight of the saw is a benefit when cutting large lumber because it will help to keep the saw steady and if you were to have a kickback; it might help to reduce the feeling.  The anti-kickback device is built into the arbor, so the tighter you secure the blade, the tighter the clutch settings.  If you tighten the arbor bolt too much, you will render the anti-kickback inoperable, so read the manual before you attach the blade.

It is BIG

Skilsaw_Sawsquatch_SizeI pulled out the Bosch 7-1/4″ worm drive and the Skilsaw Sidewinder to give them a little comparison and you would not think there would be a huge difference.  But, when placed side by side, the 7-1/4″ saw look like small trim saws and not some of the most powerful framing saws on the market.  The saw comes with a fixed handle secondary handle just like the 7-1/4″ worm drive saws and also has another handle that can be placed on the right or left hand side of the blade.  I really like this handle and believe that most people who are not short on space would use this to help hold and control this large saw.  Once you start cutting through 4x lumber, the saw seems to start to feel a bit smaller for some reason.  On the other hand, all you have to do is set it down next to the smaller saws and it will look big again.


Skilsaw_Sawsquatch_BevelI have no complaints or suggestions about this saw.  You can see that it is built for the contractor in mind as it is a solid piece of machinery.  I do wish it would come with a carrying case.  This is an expensive saw that might not be used every day for most people who buy it and since it does not sit well on the ground, I think the case would allow you to store it better.  Changing oil on this saw is the same procedure as the other Skilsaw worm drive saws.  The large blade does not change the angle of the handle too much to make it uncomfortable to use, even when cutting a single sheet of 3/4″ plywood.  With the larger blade, I was very concerned about how the saw would feel and if it could be used day in and day out, but with the extra handle, I would have no issues working with this saw.

Buy HereHome Depot: Skilsaw 15-Amp 10-1/4 in. Sawsquatch Worm Drive Saw



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  1. Paul Frederick #

    Larger diameter blades is when worm drives start to make sense.

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