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SKIL PWRCore 12 Brushless 12-Volt 1/2″ Drill Driver With PWRJump Battery Charger Model DL529002 Review

SKIL PWRCore Tools

SKIL has been a major brand in the DIY market and has been purchased by a new company that has plans to turn SKIL into a powerful brand in the DIY market.  This new power will come from the PWRCore 12 batteries that are currently available in 2.0 and 4.0 Ah.  These batteries have a built-in USB port so they can be used daily rather than whenever the specific tool is needed.  If you purchase the PWRJump charger, the batteries can be charged from 0-25% in 5 minutes with the push of a button.  This is very helpful if one needs the tool but the battery is dead or if you need to stay in your project and you kill the battery.

The new SKIL drill is nice and compact with many features that one would expect in a high-end DIY drill.  In many ways, this drill feels like the construction grade drills, just a bit smaller.  The grip and feel are balanced making it easy to use.  We put this drill through its paces while working on our Summit Racing Can-Am Maverick X3 XRS modifications.  We did not wish for more power or fun across anything the drill could not do in plastic or metal during these installations.  When we moved over to construction type tasks, we found the drills limitations fairly fast.  most of the tests we threw at it were based on much larger drills.  Overall, we found that most jobs could easily be done in construction, but on low speed.  As a DIY drill, this will allow the user to complete tasks safely with a smaller drill, just not as fast.

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SKIL DL529002 Features

  • Two speed: 0-450/0-1700rpm
  • Max Torque of 350in.lbs
  • 17 Torque Clutch Settings
  • 1/2″ Hybrid Chuck accepts 1/4″ Hex
  • 5 Year Limited Warranty

Solid DIY Drill

Over and over the SKIL drill proved that it has a place in the DIY market.  The 350-inch pounds of torque allowed us to complete all the tasks we had lined up for the day and the compact size was easy to use.  This drill driver came in a kit with a single 2.0 Ah battery and the PWRJump charger.  It can be found on Amazon for $73 and comes with a 5-year limited warranty.  While looking, we found we could buy a small brushless DEWALT for $99.  That brings us to a question if this tool is priced right.  The warranty is better than the DEWALT, but will people choose the new SKIL or the DEWALT if they saw those prices.  Time will tell if this brand will again make a mark on the DIY market!



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