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Simple Multi-Button Laser Distance Measures Might Be Perfect For You!

Simple To Use LDM

Bosch Tool’s laser measure division has a great line of laser distance measures on the market that range from super simple to fairly complex.  In some cases, the laser distance measures are only operated by one button like the Bosch GLM165-10 that we looked at a month ago. The Bosch GLM165 laser measure products all have a range of 165 ft. with an accuracy of 1/16″ but they range in different models that can progressively accomplish more and more as you move up the line.  In the video above, we look at the Bosch GLM165-40 and look at the different increments of measure and the abilities to calculate area and distance.

First, the GLM165 family of laser distance measures is very small and can be easily carried in your pocket.  Each model includes backlighting so measuring applications in low-light or no-light conditions can still be accomplished.  They are run off two AAA batteries and will turn off the laser after a short period of non-use to conserve battery.  The measurements using these models are simple as they use the rear of the laser distance measure as the start of the distance.  They will measure from 6″ up to 165′ and will work in a wide range of temperatures that will work for most on the jobsite.

Simple Means Fast

Many contractors enjoy these pocket-sized laser measures mostly for distance measurements on items like rooms, windows, doors and ceiling heights.  Many others also rely on these tools from their ability to calculate the area of walls and rooms. We recommend laser measures for anyone who measures for their job, from drywallers, painters, remodelers, plumbers and electricians to appraisers, real estate professionals, and inspectors.  They can reduce errors and save time increasing profits and productivity.

In order to use these tools and to increase productivity, the user must fully understand how to use the tool and the capabilities of the tool.  The GLM165-40 is a tool that you can remove from the box, not read the instructions and learn within a few minutes.  The instruction manual should be read because int he 5 minutes it takes to read the instructions, the user will figure out a few tips and tricks that can increase productivity.  This unit allows the user to select what type of measuring they are doing and can save many measurements in its memory.  The memory allows the user to save time by not writing down every measurement as they walk through the job.

While this unit has more than one button, each button on this unit has a simple job.  There is no need to manipulate one button to do the job of many.  We also think the users will enjoy this unit more than a single button unit because it can be set up for the task at hand.  For example, the GLM165-10, a single button unit, always keeps you in the mode to calculate the area.  You can use it however you want, but after two measurements, it will display an area calculation.  The GLM165-40 can be set up just to measure distance and you can scroll through saved measurements and there is no clutter on the screen of a box and area calculations.

No matter what you choose, make sure the laser distance measure you pick makes sense to you while using it.  Take the time to research how each model works.  Look at what you will use the tool for and make your own decision based on your needs!

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