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Shop Organization and Dust Control – Rockler Dust Right Products

A clean and organized shop = safe shop

Having a shop in a messy and disorganized state is a big moral killer in our woodworking shop. We like to work in a clean space that is organized and provides a efficient working environment. This environment is allows the workers to get their job done in an efficient manner while being as safe as possible. There are many different variable that come into a shop environment including, but not limited to, layout, types of storage, cleanliness, and getting the items that are used back where they are stored after they are used.

Dust collection and organization are the two topics we will be discussing today.

Dust collection

We can get into a long discussion on dust collection for the entire shop but we want to focus our attention to the areas that don’t get covered often. The smaller dust collection solutions within the shop can make the shop experience and time spent much more enjoyable.

Rockler has come out with a line of dust collection items that do exactly that. They are innovative, easy to use, and do a dang good job at their intended purpose. Here we have listed a couple of the products out of the Dust Right product line and why we have them in our shop.

Quick-Fit 4″ Shop and Tool Set

This kit can turn your dust collection into a versatile tool. You can use the four included spring clips to mount all the included accessories (listed below) to keep everything nice and organized. With this kit you get one 4″ Dust Right tool port that allows you to quickly connect and disconnect the Dust Right Quick-Fit handle to the various tools around your shop. After a large project or operation, you may find yourself with significant amounts of chips or dust on the floor if you don’t have dust collection at the tool. You can use the included floor sweep with or without the extensions wand (2-piece) to quickly vacuum up the mess. Same goes for the bench top tools by simply using the include bench nozzle without the extension wand. Easy one hand vacuuming!


  • Dust Right Quick-Fit Floor Sweep
  • Dust Right Quick-Fit Handle
  • 4″ x 36″ Extension wand (2 piece with splice)
  • Removable grate (to catch larger items)
  • 4″ Tool Port
  • Bench Nozzle
  • Four spring clips

4″ Dust Right Expandable Flex Hose

Rockler’s expandable flex hose now comes in their Rockler blue. They come in various sizes that can compact and expand to various lengths. We have selected the 28 foot model. It can be compressed to a 4′ length and extend all the way to 28 feet. This can reach our entire shop with ease.

Storing the longer expandable hose can be a bit tricky but some shop made solutions are easy to create.

 Bench Sweep

Keeping your bench clean and clear of dust and debris is an overlook task. You could easily brush it off the floor and using the floor sweep kit to vacuum it up. But, if you don’t want to handle all that work. The Dust-Right Bench Sweep mounts right to your bench or assembly table and connects to a 2 1/2″ shop vacuum or dust extractor hose. It has a flip up lid to act as a back stop when brushing in the dust. It also has a blue grate to keep larger items from being sucked up, like screws or other hardware. With accessory hooks to keep bench items or a dust brush, it is a nice affordable unit to keep your work space clean.

2 1/2″ Shop Vac Handle

A big improvement over their last model, the new 2 1/2″ Dust Rigth Shop Vac handle has a airflow control adjustment dial. This is an excellent feature to help prevent the vacuum accessories from being sucked to the floor, rugs, or anti-fatigue mats. Simple feature but goes along way in keeping the frustration levels down.

2 1/2″ Expandable Shop Vac Flex Hose

Just like its larger 4″ big brother, the 2 1/2″ expandable shop vac flex hose is a great way to increase the radius around your shop vac or dust extractor in the shop.



When it is compressed, it is 2′ long and when it is fully expanded, it is 12′ long.

Universal Small Port Hose Kit

An award winner for many years, the Universal Small Port Hose Kit is needed in every shop. With no standardization for dust collection ports on smaller hand held power tools, it is very difficult to have the right adapters to connect your shop vacuum or dust extractor to them. Rockler created a kit with adapters that can connect to nearly any hand held power tool. With a new release of a couple adapters, the kit is now even more versatile.


  • Expandable 1 1/2″ ID Dust Hose
  • 2 1/4″ OD Swivel Port
  • 1″ ID Swiveling Rubber Dust Port
  • 1 1/2″ ID Swiveling Dust Port

Optional Auxiliary kit includes:

  • 3/4″ ID x 1 1/4″ OD Rubber Dust Port
  • 1 1/4″ ID Rubber Dust Port (OD not intended for use on this port)


Keeping your tools, supplies, and material organized and accessible create a working environment that is efficient and enjoyable. Within Rockler’s Dust Right product line, they have a few products that really help organize the dust collection items in your shop.

Managing all the different hoses, fittings, etc for your shop vacs and dust extractors can be a bit tricky. Since we are in the tool review business, we especially have a wide variety of these items in the shop.

Cord and Hose Hook

While this may not be used a whole heck of a lot, when setting up a shop for the first time or on a temporary job site, cord and hose management is important to a safe and efficient shop. You can use the Cord and Hose Hook in a couple different ways. First, you can mount it on the wall or ceiling to manage the cords and hooks and keep them in a nice organized manner. Second, you can use it off the wall as a cord or hose wrap. Wrap your hose or cords around it for easy management.

Shop Vacuum Accessory Organizer

With all the various accessories we have for our shop vacs and accessories, a simple storage organizer goes along way to maintaining our sanity. Made from powder coated 3/16″ steel rod, it is build to hold a good amount of accessories. It can be mounted right to the wall or the side of a cabinet with the included clips.

You can store your extension rods and hoses on the top, various handles and medium items on the shelf, and all your attachments on the 8 wire hooks that line the perimeter of the organizer. All your accessories in one location is something any shop can benefit from.

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