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Shop Made Router Base – Build It Yourself!

Build A Router Base

RBWAIn Woodworking, there are many items that you simply cannot buy.  Even if you can buy them, why would you when you can have the satisfaction of building them yourself with little to no cost.  A router base is a very popular project that is very simple to build.  In this case, we have Ridgid’s new compact 18 volt trim router and we want to make it a bit more usable for different projects.  This base gives us handles to control the router for precise work when completing light mortising or inlaying operations.

Both inlaying and mortising work requiring extended sittings behind the router. Holding the router in a traditional trim router grip would be very uncomfortable at the angle you would need to complete your work. In addition, control is so important. A shop made router base gives you that control! With a wider base and comfortable handles to grab, you can sit behind the router for as long as  you need to complete the work.

No matter what router you have, a different base can allow you to do so many things.  Let your imagination run and build a jig in your workshop.  Share it with us and have some fun!

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