Mobile Tool Organization

Service Truck Tool Organization With Triangle Tool BoxHaving an organized toolbox in your shop can be difficult, but having a mobile toolbox that is organized and accessible is almost impossible unless you have the Montezuma Triangle Toolbox.  This Triangle toolbox offers the users an organized placement of each tool allowing the user to see if a tool is missing and know quickly where the tool removed should be placed.  This innovative triangle design allows the cover to hold all the wrenches and sockets in place even if the toolbox were to fall over completely.  There are few toolboxes on the market that can be placed on a service truck, drove across the country and be exactly as it was at the beginning of the trip when opened.

After our first video, we had comments ranging from the Triable being game-changing to a full-blown organization tool.  For many who complete a project and drop a handful of wrenches back in the toolbox, this triangle toolbox and cart will change everything.  Putting items back in the right place will be easy.  The satisfaction of knowing where tools are and completing the project faster the second time will reinforce the habit and your organization will prosper.

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The Triangle toolbox is weatherproof and will keep the tools inside dry in wet conditions.  This works on the road and also in the shop if you work in an area where there is a lot of moisture.  The handle has a keyed lock for security.  Montezuma has just about everything covered in this toolbox.  We added a small LED light inside that we could move to give us extra light in the toolbox for darker conditions.  We love this toolbox and feel you will also!