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SawStop PCS31230-TGP2523-HP Review

According to a report by the United States Consumer Safety Protection Council (CPSC), Table Saws are one of the leading causes of accidents and amputations amongst amateur woodworkers and DIYers.

Professionals are not completely spared from these accidents either because the table saw, though a handy Power Tool, can be very tricky to work with.

When working with a Table Saw, the wood can sometimes propel backward without warning and strike the woodworker. This usually happens when the Saw is being operated at high speed and occurs very quickly such that the woodworker has no time to protect themselves.

This type of accident is called a ‘Kickback Accident,’ and it’s only one of the many causes of Table Saw accidents.

One way to protect yourself from accidents and injuries when cutting wood with a Saw is to use a SawStop Table Saw. A SawStop saw is designed with a safety flash detection system that deactivates the blades when it comes in contact with the human body. The human body has a distinct temperature and texture, and a SawStop Table Saw can easily differentiate between wood and flesh.

When human contact is detected, the blade’s electrical system sends signals to deploy an aluminum brake that clogs the teeth of the blades and deactivates it. All of these happen within a few milliseconds so that the Saw cannot cause any harm even when it accidentally comes in contact with a woodworker’s body.

There are different brands of the SawStop Table Saw in the market right now, but the best brand is the SawStop PCS312230-TGP2523-HP because it has some upgraded features that are conspicuously absent in other brands.

The Features and Benefits of the SawStop PCS312230-TGP2523-HP

Power Switch with Lockout Key

If you have kids, this is the Table Saw you want because kids can sometimes play around power tools, thus exposing themselves to danger in the process, but SawStop PCS312230-TGP2523-HP comes with a safety lockout key that prevents the Table Saw from activating by mistake.

99% Dust collection

Wood dust has been identified as one of the most harmful carcinogens by the National Cancer Institute, but it’s almost impossible to avoid wood dust when cutting wood with a saw, however; the SawStop PCS312230-TGP2523-HP is designed with the woodworker’s health in mind.

It features a dust collection blade with a 4-inch dust port that collects wood dust both at the top and bottoms of the table. There is usually minimal dust exposure because 99% of sawdust is neatly collected and prevented from floating in the air when working with this Table Saw.

Supersensitive Flesh Detection System

The SawStop PCS312230-TGP2523-HP has one of the best electronic detection systems on the market with reliable aluminum brakes that deploy within a few milliseconds. With this flesh detection system, it’s almost impossible to sustain any saw-related injuries when cutting your wood.

Professional T-glide Fence

It also features a 52-inch professional T-glide fence that allows for smooth operation, extra strength, and improved precision measurements.

Minimal kickbacks

There’s a riving knife and a left-tilting blade that both help to prevent kickback accidents.

Strength and Durability

The SawStop PCS312230-TGP2523-HP is a Power tool in every sense of the word with its 3HP and 220V engine that makes it suitable for both amateurs and professionals. It is also built to last forever with its cast-iron built body.

Downsides of the SawStop PCS312230-TGP2523-HP

One of the downsides of this model is its weight. It weighs about 335 lbs. Its weight might be a perk for users but be prepared to do some heavy lifting during purchase and installation, and if your seller doesn’t have a free shipping policy, the cost of shipping may bore some significant holes in your pocket.


The SawStop PCS312230-TGP2523-HP is a very great tool designed with both amateurs and professionals in mind. It’s also great to see the Power Tool industry taking the safety of woodworking professionals much more seriously. If you’re highly concerned about *safety and professionalism and can ignore the monstrosity of this brand, this is the table saw you want to invest your money on because it’s unique safety features are patented so you can’t find it on any other Table Saw brand in the market.

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