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Ryobi RY40430 40V 110-MPH 480-CFM Jet Fan Blower Review

40 Volt Jet Fan

Over the years we have seen a technological progression in battery operated outdoor power equipment.  The home owner grade tools are transitioning from mediocre performance to gas like power.  Ryobi introduced an 40 volt 20″ lawn mower that works well with small lawns and this blower would be a perfect addition to that mower as they share the same battery.  With technology advancements, battery operated blowers are great for everyone at home.  After experiencing life without a fuel can in your garage, it is hard to go back!

We are also amazed at the changes that happen when a Home Depot moves into your town.  Talking to many of our neighbors, they all have some experience with Ryobi.  Many of them with outdoor power equipment.  With all of the equipment on the market, we were surprised to see such a large presence of the Ryobi brand.  We have an Ace Hardware just two miles away, but most residents will travel over 10 miles to go to Home Depot.

RY40430 Features

  • 480 CFM and 110 MPH
  • 2 stage jet fan design
  • Variable speed trigger with Turbo Button
  • Soft grip handle for user comfort
  • 5-year limited warranty


At 480 cfm and 110 mph, this unit is solidly planted in the homeowner grade blowers mostly due to the short run time.  The power that Ryobi was able to get from the small 3Ah 40 volt battery was amazing.  Longevity of battery life was great considering most will be able to blow off everything needed around the home after mowing on a single charge.  Blowing large amounts of leaves might be a bit different, but would also command a bit more power.

As a bit of a test, this unit was dropped off at my neighbors who have the older Ryobi 40 volt blower.   After they used it, they came over to talk about how surprised they were that this tool was much more powerful.  Their only comment was that it felt a bit heavier  than the previous model.  We talked about battery life and they felt it was on the same page as their older, less powerful 40 volt Ryobi.  Overall, they were more than thrilled with this unit.


If you are looking for a nice blower to clean up after mowing and to blow out your garage, this is it.  If you need to move large amounts of leaves each fall in a larger yard, this is not it.  In car terms, this is a Chevy Malibu, it works great, but it is not going to haul a large load of lumber home to build a barn.  This unit fits most homeowners and will work well for them.  It is a huge bonus if they have other Ryobi 40 volt tools!

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2 Responses to “Ryobi RY40430 40V 110-MPH 480-CFM Jet Fan Blower Review”

  1. Greg Howard #

    I bought my 40v Ryobi blower (model RY40403) last summer to get away from gas power blowers. I loved it until it has stopped working. It sounds like the motor has possibly siezed up. There is a sound when I pull the trigger, but the turbine doesn’t turn therefore there isn’t any air coming out. I don’t have my receipt, but bought it from Home Depot. Am I out of luck or can you help me?
    Thank you.

    May 13, 2019 at 2:55 pm Reply
  2. Ric #

    Fan / motor interface failed on my ryobi as well. Motor spins and fan barely moves. I hear it is a coupler that rounds off and you need to replace the motor to effect repair.


    We will see if Ryobi stands behind their work.

    August 15, 2019 at 9:06 pm Reply

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