P222 Ryobi SDS

IMG_20160406_102741267The new Ryobi 18 volt One+ SDS Plus rotary hammer drill is a step up in power and design.  Many home improvement tasks can be completed with a rotary hammer.  These are simply not just for drilling holes in concrete as one can remove tile, chip away masonry and stone along with other outdoor landscaping tasks.  Our testing involved concrete and pavers because that is mostly what people will use these for.

The first thing that stood out to us when we picked up the P222 for the first time was the mode selector.  It is very smooth with crisp and clean mode detents.  Many of the mode selectors in higher end rotary hammers to not have the same feel in the dial as this one.  This unit does not have a lock on the switch to keep it in that mode, but for its smaller use, we do not feel people would miss it.  The one thing the P222 cannot do is stand up.  Due to its more compact design, meant to get in smaller areas, the tool is not balanced over the battery.  After it drops on the bit the first few times you learn to set the tool down on its side.  Power wise, the tool is rated for 3/4″ SDS Plus bit or smaller, but the tool pushes full speed at 1/2″ or less.  Our testing was with a 5/16″ bit as that is a common size for concrete fasteners.  We were able to get almost 50 holes on one 4 Ah battery.  The tool was impressive and vibration was minimal.

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Ryobi P222 Features

  • SDS-Plus chuck
  • Three-mode selector for rotary hammer, rotational drilling and chisel only mode
  • Chisel adjust mode to maneuver the bit to the optimum position
  • LED light increases work area visibility
  • Powerful, compact design produces up to 5,000 BPM and 1,300 RPM
  • Variable speed trigger to perform a variety of applications

Overall Use

IMG_20160406_102734483We were excited to compare this rotary hammer to the other ones that we have tested in the past.  Ryobi has been increasing the power on most of their tools.  We were impressed at the power the tool delivers in rotary hammer as it had no issue drilling holes right up to its recommended max bit size.  The tool seems to come alive when in hammer mode only and it feels like you get more bpm that in rotary hammer.  The paver we chiseled was a solid Unilock brand and the Ryobi P222 chipped away at it pretty easily.  This would be a great tool to help install pavers and other masonry items around the home.

The design of the tool is very comfortable and the rubber overmold just ahead of the handle leads you to think there is some vibration dampeners built into the model.  That area is solid and does not offer any movement.  Overall, vibration was not an issue with the tool and it was smooth even when chiseling away at concrete.  The LED light aimed well and help light up the drill or cut line even when in good lighting.  This would make a great tool for the DIY’er or budget conscious contractor.

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Ryobi P222 Specifications

  • Battery: 18V
  • Chuck: SDS-Plus
  • No Load Speed: 0-1,300 PRM
  • BPM: 0-5,000
  • Impact Energy: 1.2 Joules
  • Tool Weight: 3.65 lbs.