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Ryobi One+ 18-Volt Devour Debris Sweeper Review | Model # P3260

Ryobi Debris Sweeper

Tired of sweeping up oddly shaped debris?  Check out the Ryobi ONE+ DEVOUR 18-Volt Cordless Sweeper.  This tool is not a vacuum and has no suction and works by spinning two brushes to sweep debris into the 4.5-gallon bin.  The Ryobi Devour sweeps up large and small debris including nails and screws, wood scraps and garbage.  The Devour is whisper quiet and will run over 2 hours using a Ryobi P108 4.0Ah battery.  The rotating brushes stick out beyond the side of the tub to allow for clean along walls and edges.  A simple foot-actuated power switch makes turning it on and off easy and rear-height adjustment knob for use on various types of floors.

This sweeper has so many uses that it is hard to nail it down to certain areas.  When we first started using it, we found that picking up wood pieces were where it was strongest.  But when you add a lot of sawdust to the mix, we found it would have to be picked up and the debris moved to the rear of the tub often to stop any blockages.  But we also used it on screws, bolts and other items in our shop.  Over time, we were target practicing and had well over 150 cases on the floor and this tool was perfect!  If you ran a gun range, this would be a back saver!  This unit will pick up almost anything including small 2×4 pieces.

Ryobi Devour Features

  • Dual brushes sweep up large and small debris, including nails and screws, wood scraps and garbage
  • Over 2-hours of runtime with P108 high capacity battery
  • Rotating brushes effectively clean along walls and edges
  • Foot-actuated power switch
  • Rear wheel height adjustment
  • Transparent tub
  • Integrated LED
  • Adjustable, pivoting handle and rubber feet
  • Wide 21 in. cleaning swath

Simple & Effective

What makes this tool stand out is that it is so simple.  There are not complex filters or items that will need maintenance.  The brushes can be replaced, but we have to assume that would take a very long time to wear them down!  When you turn this unit on, it is quiet.  It does not disrupt conversation and in fact, we turned it on without microphone next to it in our YouTube video and we kept talking with no issue.  The fact that it can run for 2 hours on one battery charge is nice.  not that it would be used for 2 hours straight, but more that it can be used and set aside knowing there are many uses on one charge.

In a shop or business that needs to clean up many small items on the floor, this is a time and back saver.  If you use for this is to pick up tons of sawdust, you might want to look at other options.  Lots of fine particles are not as easy with this unit.

For the right person, this will be a favorite tool in the shop or business.  Be sure to watch our tips in the YouTube video to help this unit pick up items easier!

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