Home  Depot Vac

Ryobi has over 100 18-volt One+ tools all available at the Home Depot.  We are sure that at some point almost everyone has said they really liked a tool from Ryobi at one point or another.  Who wouldn’t!  Ryobi keeps pushing out tools that no one else has at a price that no other company will compete with.  No matter if you are a homeowner, DIYer or contractor, these tools can and will work for you.  But if you’re not using Ryobi tools, we get it.

These days brands have built loyalty from making battery operated tools by creating a marriage between the tool buyer and the company with costly batteries and bare tool deals.  Maybe that idea or marketing platform should be broke.  Maybe there is room for a less expensive tool platform in everyone tool collection.  Look at the Ryobi 18 volt chemical sprayer or some of their new brushless tools and LED lights.  Is the investment in a new battery platform worth it to get some of these tools that no one else has on the market yet or at this price?  We think it is.

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The Ryobi P770 has a long list of attributes with very few downsides.  The vacuum can handle me standing in it and moving it around, so that says a lot for the build quality.  The 6-foot hose, or “cord” as I called it twice in the YouTube video, is a bit stiff and not as flexible as we would like, but the runtime on a 4.0Ah battery was amazing at 23 minutes.

The design of the vac and the filter system was great, not allowing for fine saw dust to plug the filter when sucking up a large pile.  power and suction are average to slightly above average for a vacuum this size and contrary to some reviews on The Home Depot’s website, the vacuum is not as loud as we expected.  Overall, this vacuum is pretty impressive.

Ryobi P770 Features

  • Multi-size no-tip wheel design and 360° mobility
  • Corded performance with 80CFM
  • Convenient onboard accessory storage
  • Multiple carrying handles
  • Removable top for simple emptying
  • Compact design
  • Crevice tool, floor nozzle and extension wands included
  • Part of the Ryobi one+ family of over 100 products

Unique Filter Design

Unlike many wet dry vacuums on the market, Ryobi chose to attach the filter to the bottom of the vacuum rather than to the removable top section that houses the motor.  This setup allows for the user to remove the top, set it aside without making a mess with the filter attached to it.  One can remove the filter and tap it on the sides of the vacuum keeping all the dust in the bin of items to be discarded.  Using the vacuum in that manner is really a time saver when it comes to clean up.

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The vacuum was also impressive when sucking up sawdust and collecting it in the bin.  The fine particles seemed to move in a manner similar to a cyclone and did not clog up the filter.  That made this vacuum hold suction longer and make it easier to clean.