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Ryobi 2800-PSI 2.3-GPM Honda Pressure Washer Review

Ryobi Cleaning Power

ryobi_pressure_washer_nozzelsThe Ryobi 2800-PSI Pressure Washer is a great homeowner grade pressure washer that can tackle most cleaning situations. Powered by a Honda GCV160 gasoline engine, you get 2800-PSI of force to clean driveways, decks, windows, and other areas around the house. We have talked about PSI and GPM in other videos, but in general, PSI gives you cleaning power and GPM gives you cleaning speed.  The vertical shaft motor and pump allow the upright frame to be moved around without bending over. Integrated into the wand, a power control gauge rotates to allow the user to quickly adjust pressure at the wand tip.  Like other pressure washers with quick attach nozzles, Ryobi equipped this unit with on-board accessory storage. The Ryobi 2800-PSI Gas Pressure Washer has a 3-year limited warranty.

Ryobi RY802800 Features

  • 2800-PSI; 2.3-GPM
  • Powerful Honda GCV160 engine
  • Power control gauge rotates for convenient, adjustable pressure
  • On-board detergent tank for hassle-free cleaning
  • On-board accessory storage for user convenience
  • 3-year limited warranty


If you are looking for a pressure washer, it is good to keep in mind that the PSI of the unit is what does the actual cleaning.  Approximately 3,000 PSI is about the cutoff from homeowner grade to low end commercial.  But GPM also have a lot do to with the equation.  The more GPM there is, the faster your surface will be cleaned.  If you were to spill some soap on a driveway, would a cup of water or a five gallon bucket of water wash it away faster?  This unit has a lower GPM, and that is what keeps it powered at homeowner grade.

Starting and Use

ryobi_pressure_washer_easy startRyobi has made this unit very simple to start and use.  Even if you don’t read the manual before you put the pressure washer into service (Tip of the Day: Always read your manuals first) there are several guides on the unit itself that tell you what you need to know.

To start the unit from a cold start, you will need to pull out the choke, turn the gas supply on and then pull the starting cord.  The unit should start within the first three pulls.  I was able to accomplish this feat easily without using my dominate hand.  These directions are of course laid out extremely well right on unit right where you will need it.

The four nozzles that come with this unit are stored on board for easy access along with the wand and wand hose.

ryobi_pressure_washer_honda_engineWhen using this unit, make sure you have water flowing to the pump before you start the engine.  If you don’t have that water flow, you can wreck the pump.  Since the vertical shaft pump that is supplied with this unit is basically unserviceable, you would need to replace the pump entirely to repair the damage.

The nice thing about this type of pump for homeowners is there is no required maintenance.  As long as you are mindful of keeping water flow to the pump, it should last you quite a few years.

Final Thoughts 

ryobi_pressure_washer_guideI have had a unit similar to this Ryobi pressure washer in the past and they have worked great.  The Honda GCV160 engine starts and runs well and continues to run well for years.    The 2800 PSI and 2.3 GPM are more than adequate for nearly all homeowners needs.

In my opinion, this unit is much nicer than the electric models on the market.  In order to step up to a larger motor unit that has horizontal shaft and a pump where you can change oil, you will need to spend nearly double what you will on the Ryobi Pressure Washer.

Buy HereRyobi 2800-PSI 2.3-GPM Honda Power Control Gas Pressure Washer


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2 Responses to “Ryobi 2800-PSI 2.3-GPM Honda Pressure Washer Review”

  1. M guy #

    Unfortunately the pump isn’t covered at all under the warranty and mine only lasted about 9 months. A replacement pump runs around $80. I live about ten miles from the ocean and home depot told me that the salt in the air destroyed it, which is crazy. This was the last piece of ryobi equipment that I’ll ever purchase.

    October 18, 2016 at 7:38 pm Reply
  2. Nate Robertson #

    I’ve had mine about a year. Today I had a hard time starting it. after a couple pulls it kicked on. about 2mins in to washing car I noticed it was struggling and pressure dropped. I stopped and checked the oil it was a little low and I had plenty of water pressure from the hose. started it up 1st pull and it sounded good……for about 5seconds. it started jumping around and trying to die so i ran over to kill it. right when I got to it the pump blew out a silver dollar size chunk out of the back aluminum casing and cut me. then it died. after looking at it the 3 bolts holding the pump and motor together were almost back out all the way. I live right in the middle of Oklahoma no salt water around so they can’t blame that

    June 22, 2017 at 8:25 pm Reply

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