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Ryobi 18 Volt ONE+ Dual Power LED Spotlight Review – P717

Great LED Spotlight

When we first picked up the spotlight in the package, we had high hopes this would come in a kit. So many outdoor people, including hunters are looking for a nice light that has a replaceable or chargeable battery. The price point for this tool is awesome and its performance exceeds the price point, if you already own batteries. Like many of the 18 volt tools on the market, the batteries, especially the larger 4 amp hour batteries, can be expensive. In this case, the high capacity battery and charger is more expensive than the tool.

Bare tool or not, this LED light will be a great addition to one’s outdoor lighting arsenal.  The trigger system to turn on the light and have it remain on works well.  In our opinion, we would rather have the light remain on than have to hold the trigger to keep the light working.  The CREE LED lights work awesome and are a well-known brand.  Overall, this light is spot on and priced well!

Ryobi 18 Volt ONE+ Dual Power LED Spotlight – P717



  • Over 2,500-Lumens of light
  • 700 yds. of beam distance
  • Seven 3-Watt cree LEDs for superior light output
  • Up to 5 hours of runtime with Ryobi P108 4Ah battery
  • Dual powered
  • Includes a 12-Volt automotive cord

Flashlight or Spotlight

There is no doubt it is a spotlight, but today the difference between a spotlight and flashlight can be very little.  This unit fits the size and appearance of what most people would think of as a spotlight.

Light it up

We were very surprised by the performance and the run time of this unit.  Whatever you might use this spotlight for, we believe you will be happy with its long distance lighting performance. This is a fairly white light that helps to allow you to see a bit farther and clearer than the older incandescent bulbs of the past.

If you are already in the Ryobi 18 volt line, this is a have-to-have tool.

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